One Thing We Can Do

So many choices lie before each of us in the time of pandemic: practical, challenging, and agonizing choices. Our medical professionals are already overtaxed. Let’s be responsible and take what burdens we can from their shoulders.
April Bridge Dawn
Vents and beds are in less than short supply; many of us who have lived long lives can make a choice not to have efforts expended on our behalf, if they are efforts that will waste time and ultimately fail. But truly, the virus can jeopardize all lives, young and old. Of course we’d like to keep living; life is grand, holy, and wonderful for most of us. Who wouldn’t want more? However, I invite us all to meet this new reality, prepare for events we’d rather avoid, and then stay inside and take care of ourselves and those we love.
Let’s be wise and let’s be selfless while we’re able.
Daisy Landing
If we, or our loved ones, have not completed our Advance Directives for medical care, let’s take the time to do it, now. Write it; print it; have it accessible. It can be a task to cross off our list, or it can be a profound emotional and spiritual exercise we can use to once again sift through our beliefs and desires as we contemplate what life and death really mean to us, and to seek ways to make peace with our dying. Either way (and no “right” way), let’s do it.
winter full moon
Our bodies are temporary; our legacies are not. We’re all in hospice, now.
This is the acceptable time to offer forgiveness, jettison grudges, see and let go of the myriad ways we judge ourselves and others, celebrate our joys, and be damned sure everyone we love knows it. Feel the gratitude we owe this gift of life. Love the courage within us and all around us. Shine light.
indigo bunting solitude-0391
Note: these are your medical directives and no one else’s. There is no judgement, just clarity.
Here is one link; there many available online. Be well; be merry, and gentle peace.
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3 thoughts on “One Thing We Can Do

  1. Hi Kitty! My name is Elena and I’m a writer for Like many, I enjoyed your “And the people stayed home…” post. I’d love to ask you a few questions about it & the experience of it going viral, if you have some time to chat. My email is Thanks!

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  2. Thank you so very much for resuming your wonderful WordPress blog. Through a long and extraordinary series of events your famous post was shared to me on a social media this morning by a dear friend I think still wintering in Florida; I write from Cape Cod where I grew up and then returned and now I dream of leaving again! Your photos are indescribably marvelous, all of them, but especially the birds. Blessings. –Marge


  3. Thank you, Marge! I love Cape Cod, but I understand the call of new places and other homes. I hope you can manage to land where you are best nurtured soon. Thank you so much for your kind words…Yes, you noticed my love for birds! 🙂

    Take Care and be well, Marge. Gentle Peace.


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