That’s O.K.

It’s 3:00 in the afternoon, and I am sitting, unshowered, in yoga pants and the t-shirt
I slept in last night.
That’s O.K.
I lost my temper. I’m scared.
That’s O.K.
There is another basket of laundry to fold, just sitting on the couch.
That’s O.K.
I am eyeing what may be a pool of cat puke on the floor.
That’s O.K.
I am not picking it up immediately, like I always have.
That’s O.K.
I don’t know what’s coming. At. All.
That’s O.K.
Nothing is like it was, always. Everything has changed, forever.
That’s O.K.
There are little voices many of us carry around, all the time.

The Judge: This character is always with us, cutting down our looks, actions, attempts to learn, be, and do all we can. It can keep us from stepping into new ideas,  behaviors, patterns and forms of thought and expression. You can’t do THAT! What are you THINKING? You’ll FAIL!

The Drill Sargeant: Did you make a list? Did you check it? You’re not following your routine! Everything is out of order. You should…you always…that’s not…BE AFRAID.

They often harmonize and sing duets throughout our days.

Sometimes, we know where the voices originated; sometimes they’re a distillation of many we’ve known; sometimes we create our own sabotage masters.

Most of us manage to carry on, tell them to be still, accomplish goals in spite of them, and become approximations of who we’d like to be. 

We stay so very busy that the voices slip back into silence.

But now, many of us have been robbed of our busyness, and the voices are trying to take control. Storm-trooping through our psyches and dumping loads of stress at the beginning and end of every thought.

You should! You can’t! Never! Always! What’s happening? Be afraid! You’re not in charge! Do this! That! WHAT IS HAPPENING? Loud inarticulate shriek!

Now is the time to go gently and offer yourself forgiveness for mistakes and loving kindness for all the feelings that are flowing through, faster than you can name them. Routines can be set aside for a while. Rest can happen whenever you’re tired, even a moment of deep-breathing and closed eyes can quiet the voices. 

Notice the hidden invitations, turn the voices around and mother them into peace.

Banish the word “normal” and take life in very small bites for a while. Let yourself find your footing. You can do it.

The bedding can go a week without changing. 


Wait, there’s an invitation! See how you do that? You catch the voice and turn it back as an invitation to be kind to yourself. 

Beds aren’t changed?

That’s O.K.

Are we O.K.?

Yes. We’re O.K.
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19 thoughts on “That’s O.K.

  1. Thank you Kitty, I’m Chiara, from Italy. I found your blog after I read on Fb your beautiful and so inspiring poetry. It sounds like very powerful and I’m very glad to discover it and you. I hope you’ll write and share many other thoughts like these. They take care of us in this darkness. ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Chiara, I’m so concerned for your beautiful people and country. I love seeing the people singing to each other, but I am deeply sad for all the suffering and loss. Please take good care of yourself and stop in to let me know you are well! Gentle peace.


      1. Hi Kitty! Your work is beautiful and quite clearly loved by so many. Your uplifting and meaningful words are comforting so many during this difficult time. I would love to talk to you about a television project my team is working on for a national client. My name is Sheryll Kollin. Would you be so kind to reach out to me at or 248-891-6160? I would love to chat with you about this project! We so appreciate your time!


      1. I do, and I posted some photos when I opened it several months ago. I’ve forgotten the password and had to get a new one. I don’t use a lot of technology, although I love and appreciate its gifts, Domenico. I need time to be still and I want to give my best time and attention to my dear one and our 4-leggeds as well.


  2. Just found your blog site after hearing your ‘In the Time of Pandemic’ read on one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve been reading your posts these past few days and feeling some peace in these trying times. Thank you for your beautiful words. Kate, Maine, USA


  3. I am glad that your poem has been so widely circulated. Your words are very touching for so many people. Love your bird photography as well. I am an artist and I like to paint birds. Stay healthy and safe.


    1. You stay healthy and safe as well, Philomena; the world needs your beautiful photos of birds! Thank you for writing, and take care of yourself. Gentle peace.


  4. I like the idea of taking life in small bites. One day at a time seemed great advice, but for many, that may even need to be broken down further.

    Great post and great advice. Thank you.


  5. Hi Kitty! Another gem. Your writing is so … shifting. Like, it emotionally shifts me.

    My wife Leslie just read your “And the people stayed home” poem on a special chapter of my podcast 3 Books we recorded last night. (

    I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. Please reach out anytime.



  6. Hi Kitty,
    My son’s headmistress read In The Time Of Pandemic to the whole school in assembly today and then put it on the front page of the school newsletter sent to parents this evening. I’ve now posted it on all my what’s app groups, found your site, read everything on The Daily Round and sent ‘It’s OK’ to my sister (because she needs it) and myself (because I do too). I’m just drafting a timetable for my 3 kids as we begin home schooling on Monday. First on the list each day was going to be go for a walk but I’m now putting ‘reading your blogs/posts/poems’ as my number one. Thank you (and your husband) for dropping the pebble in the water and starting the ripples….. Stay safe and please keep ‘writing it out’. xx


    1. Sylvie: How happy that makes me: I can imagine you all being together, safe and well, and sharing ideas! I have to say, “There be duds in the mix here;” it won’t bother me if you start and pass on posts that don’t interest you. But I hope this time together for all of you is blessed and will be stuff of family stories for many and healthy generations. Joy and peace to you, and your sister, and all your loved ones. Be well, and gentle peace.


  7. Thank you. Your words calm me. I’m from Spain, I’m scared and distressed for my daughther, my parents, my husband, of course for me and all my loved people. A friend send me your poem and I looked for the author, then I’ve found your blog. It’s very charming and seeety, and you have calmed me down. Thanks.
    P.S. Sorry my bad english.


  8. Maria, your English is beautiful and my heart goes out to you in your fear and distress. We are all feeling so much of that, aren’t we? I am so glad my words offered you some peace. I am here, if you want to write me. Take care of yourself and be well, Maria. Keep taking slow deep breaths and focus on your heart. Imagine everyone you love is there, being safe and in the light of your love. We hold each other. Love holds us. Gentle peace, Maria. This will be long and it will be hard, but one day, it will end.


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