My Books

And The People Stayed Home and The Rare, Tiny Flower are picture books published by Tra Publishing, and are available at your favorite independent bookstores. For your convenience, they’re linked here to My third picture book, Oliver and the Night Giants, also published by Tra Publishing, is scheduled for Christmas, 2023 release.

Each book has been blessed by the illustrations of extremely gifted artists. Stefano Di Cristofaro and Paul Pereda illustrated And the People Stayed Home, and Quim Torres illustrated The Rare, Tiny Flower. Anna Pirolli is illustrating Oliver and the Night Giants. It’s been a joy and honor to co-create with these artists.

And The People Stayed Home is a bestseller, and was recognized by Smithsonian Magazine as one of the Top Ten Children’s Books of 2020.

I am grateful to Tra Publishing’s power source, Ilona Oppenheim, and her amazing team, including the infallible editor, Andrea Gollin; the joyfully daring Art Director, Jeff Quintana; the intrepid publicist, Jessica Faroy; and the amazing public relations expertise of Andrea Burnett. None of this would be possible without these inspiring, talented, and utterly kind people.

And The People Stayed Home
The Rare, Tiny Flower