Love Has No Boundaries

Today we walked in a local state park that was once home to a large settlement of people who were part of the Mississippi Culture (10th to 13th centuries). Ceremonial spaces, mounds believed to have been constructed for religious and political use, and fort boundaries have been reconstructed and informative stations line the paths.


The earth hasn’t thawed yet; no scent of geosmin is yet being released by the earth’s microorganisms, but the promise was present in the sunshine and breeze.

IMG-0867 (1)

There are many trails in this park, and all of today’s visitors were respectful of space. A woman and her little daughter went to the right; we went left; and a man and his dog went straight ahead. We honored the boundaries we’re required to keep.

We were too far apart to converse, but I felt a tender, sweet human concern among us all. It looked a bit like a science fiction film (The People Who Could Not Connect), all of us veering away from one another, but the energy was gentle and somewhat sad. Grief becomes part of the atmosphere breathed in a time of such suffering.


I felt a tangible love for us all of us in the newness and the tentative choices, the fear, the anxiety, and the wonderful courage, we see in so many people, but specifically, my heart went out to this holy little group of travelers, walking ancient paths into a new world.


Solvitur ambulando, said St. Augustine; it is solved by walking, and for me, that has so often been true. This time, though, we’re walking into mystery, and I think the only solutions involve surrender, forgiveness, and loving all those we walk among as the tender, flawed, and fleeting miracles we are.


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20 thoughts on “Love Has No Boundaries

  1. No, you need to own the viral are an inspirational writer, that’s just fair!!! But carry on with the blog and your writing…. I don’t go on Facebook but you should keep posting your blog on there too…I salute you /tip my cap! XXX


  2. Hi Kitty, I like many others saw your beautiful piece, shared by an Irish designer I’m friends with. I’m based in Dublin, Ireland and I’m a yoga teacher and creative director – would I be right in assuming from the name that you’re Irish or of Irish descent? We are currently completely self isolated here since last Thursday when all the schools shut. I have a beautiful, simple idea I’d like to run by you. Could you drop me an email with a contact?


  3. May we be well 💜

    Gratitude for your words (containers for power) here, Kitty. Thank you for the gift of these nourishing messages. I am a high school teacher. #TeachingIsSacredSpace


    1. I am married to a high school teacher; you are my heroes, along with all my friends in hospitals and hospices. Thank you for writing. Take care and be safe! Sending love and gentle peace.


  4. Thank you Kitty, your words have been soothing me and opening up my spirit. I’m sure that your reflections have been helping so many people during these challenging times. I hope that you will continue to be a morning companion to us. Be well.


    1. We are all together, connected by our humanity, aren’t we, Michelle? It is so kind of you to write and allow me to hear that my attempts are reaching hearts and comforting them. I was a chaplain in hospitals and hospice, and because I cannot serve in this way at this time has been troubling. I worry so about all of my amazing friends sacrificing everything…My husband encouraged me to get back to my writing; in a way, I feel like a virtual chaplain, and it gives me peace and encouragement if my words offer comfort to others.

      You are so kind to take time and to write; please be well, and gentle peace to you.


  5. Thank you dear Kitty. Your words are soothing, uplifting and remind me of a comforting warm hug. Your talent is to move hearts with words. Please continue, I count myself fortunate to have found your blog.


    1. Oh, Rose, that is so kind of you to share. I am a tremendous “hugger,” and that my words can offer that feeling is so lovely to hear. We need to offer comfort as best as we can in the absence of our necessary, holy, physical contact. I think that is one of the hardest aspects of our also necessary isolation. Please keep coming and sharing those hugs with me! Be well, and safe. Gentle peace.


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