Perfect Vacation

My room would be spare, 

a worn wood floor, a metal bed,

an old tiled bath, a dresser 

with an iridescent bivalve shell

for my rings, and a weathered, caned,

ladderback chair beside a muntined window

open to the sea, to the music 

of gulls and waves and lanyards. 

The curtain, delicate, diaphanous,

gathered and draped over a hook

to the left, would once have been 

a crisp and blinding white, but now,

humbled by years to yellow,

its beauty would make me cry.

On the first day, I would gently,


excise my mind

and set it on the sill

beside the salty sea

allowing it to air

and bleach

in the sweet perfumes 

of time and ocean. No thoughts 

no words would remain, 

just my soul dancing

along the shore, I would play,

and dance, and days would pass,

and the moonlight 

would hold me tenderly at night

and sing through my dreams,

and when I returned

home, my rested mind

softly secured once more,

with tentative language 

floating through its bright, 

clean corridors, yes,

when I returned home

and people stopped

to ask me 

how was your vacation,

I would whisper, “light

it was light

I am light

we are light,

all is light.”

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13 thoughts on “Perfect Vacation

    1. Wow! Yes. Minus the sweater and tablet. How did you find this, Yacoob? It’s beautiful! Do you know where it is? For now, it’s the perfect inspiration. Thank you so much.

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      1. Came across it on Twitter, but I think the poster just posts pictures of nice places. Haven’t been able to find the location…but it’s the sort of image that just speaks so much to me. The solitude. The calmness. The ocean… writing with that right in front of you. A little piece of paradise on earth 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh, my goodness, yes! And breaks for walks. Sigh. Thank you so much. It’s been one of those days when a kindness likes this opens my heart to sunshine and invites a deep cleansing breath. Greatly appreciated, dear friend.

          Liked by 1 person

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