The Liminal Hours

Of late, our old cat, Fiona, is waking and calling in the night. We quickly learned that she is best soothed and comforted ro calmness by our companionship, a welcoming lap, loving pats, and a small, handheld dish of water she can sip from contentedly. 

The vet has ruled out all physical ailments, but she is 14, and early dementia or vision problems may be involved. So, we take turns getting up at about 3:00 A.M. to sit with her.

Retirement is grand for this, at least for me, because the parameters of time so easily and increasingly fall away. Sleep time, waking time, doing and resting time require no schedule, clocks, or rigid assignment, but only the need to attend to what’s before us as we wish or are called. 

I’ve always been an early to bed and an early-rising soul, but 3 AM is a new and magical time for me to breathe awake with the world. Pondering takes different paths, and there’s a deep candlelit quality of peace absent in other hours; it’s softened and spiritually liminal.

Fiona and I sit together in a muted stillness of mutual prayer, and gently allow the time of darkness to flow into the new morning’s light. And then, ever so gradually, we are bathed in a blessing of sunrise. 

And, if I feel some weariness as the pups bark their way into the day, and Fiona flees to her lower level queendom, I also feel incredibly grateful for those quiet hours of holy solitude we’ve shared together and the deep lessons Fiona is teaching me about surrender, the wisdom communicated through silence, witnessing the beauty of the Earth’s rhythms, and the profound gifts of sustained and gentle presence.

Gentle Peace.

A sweet guest enjoying some spring blooms!
Some blooms our guests did not consume.

A reminder from my publisher that I humbly share: I am sooooo grateful for the kindness of my dear ones and sweet strangers who have purchased my books. And I know many people do not purchase from Amazon for many reasons, and completely understand. I prefer local booksellers, but I also have a Kindle. 

But preferences aside, Amazon wields unbelievable power regarding book sales to foreign publishers, book sales to stores, and whether a book sinks or swims at all in its availability to the public. 

Beautiful books that could change lives and keep a child’s imagination full of magic die in remainder bins every week, and it breaks my heart to think of all the effort and gift that went into creating them. Authors and publishers are beholden to anyone who can leave a short positive review on Amazon and Goodreads. Truly. 

I’m proud of the many creatives who contributed their gifts to “And The People Stayed Home,” and “The Rare, Tiny Flower.” Good reviews help keep us all employed producing the kinds of books we feel are important in the world, so if you purchased one from Amazon and are able to leave a review, thank you so very much. 

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7 thoughts on “The Liminal Hours

  1. Very lovely yet again Kitty. Maura PS From your photos, you live in an exquisite landscape. Where is it? Would also love it there.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Maura!

      Yes, it is a very lovely area, but like everywhere, not perfect. I live in southern Wisconsin, between Madison and Milwaukee, and 2 hours from downtown Chicago. The landscape is glacier-carved and I’m near the Southern Kettle Moraine, atop what’s called a drumlin, looking over a river and beside a bike trail running over it. We were drawn to the location, definitely not the house, but over 25 years, we’ve added many gardens and put a LOT of DIY effort into it. Full Moon Cottage suits us. 🙂

      La Crosse, Wisconsin, is also visually glorious because it’s in the unglaciated, Driftless Region. Very high hills, flora and fauna not found outside the region, and close to Minneapolis/St. Paul. And, of course, the areas along Lake Michigan and Lake Superior are gorgeous, too. It’s a very pretty state. Politically troubled, but beautiful. xo


  2. Such a beautiful meditation on time and love, Kitty. I can imagine you spending the sacred hours of the night with sweet Fiona, she is blessed to have you to care for her. I experience that same flow of time in retirement – it is one of the great joys of my life to surrender to the moment instead of the clock, and take what is needed to care for myself and for those around me. Blessings.


  3. There is something magical about the early hours, before others arise. Witnessing the birth of the new day is also such a tranquil, miraculous process. You’re blessed to get that chance each day. Hopefully Fiona’s remaining time will be as peaceful as possible.


  4. Bless you both for going to such lengths to keep sweet Fiona happy, bless her too and may she remain healthy. Such beautiful images and descriptions of the depth of the night. You always take beauty from every given situation. Just love that deer, lucky you seeing


    1. She’s doing better, thank you, dear friend. Old and achey, like I am (!), but sleeping better and eating OK. We’re now meeting between 4:30 and 5:00, so no worries.

      It’s funny how they kind of choose their patterns and we’re the ones who adapt, but that’s love, right? Probably will seem quite odd, all these strange routines, when our friend visits next week, but the various dances suit all the 4- leggeds just fine and have become our habits now! Yikes. We’re becoming the quaint old couple of the neighborhood! 😆

      Sending love,


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