We had sabotaged our miracles
and crippled our world. We had never
arrived where we’d come to be.
It was a time for setting down
our empty work, our language
of estrangement and discord,
to gather and to feed on stories,
offered and received.
We asked to be nourished
and released into dreaming.

Everything invited our attention, altered
our perceptions. Setting down the old,
gestating the new; we utterly surrendered
to this moment, our world submerged
in the slippery clay of possibility.

It was a time when death and life entwined
and the sorting required sacred watching,
deep listening, patience that scraped away ego.
Only hope remained, a respiration of hope.
What is passing? What is coming? We mixed
our questions like seeds in earthen vessels
and cradled each other’s answers, casting
them into the waiting garden we had become.

The walls dissolved; all we had built and believed
fell away. We were raw, transparent,
seeing what we had not seen before, there,
in our souls, blazing, now transformed.

We stood on our heads
and smelled new visions, their call,
tasted new music, its potential,
saw new flavors, their ways of being,
heard new contours, their textures and densities,
touched new perfumes, their radiating gifts.
Our only desire was to create in love
to create from love
to create anew and love
what we created

We reasoned with our hearts
danced in our stories
slept in the sacred All
and woke to starlight
then drank it,
our bodies smiling
and eager to begin.
This is the holy land;
this is the holy moment.

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I would like to invite your interest in Navigating the Pandemic, an inspiring and reflective anthology compiled by my friend, Teresa Schreiber Werth. Proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to to the Society of Refugee Healthcare Providers, a U.S. non-profit organization dedicated to improving the healthcare of refugees and asylum seekers, as well as addressing equity in healthcare.  Thank you, and gentle peace.

16 thoughts on “Genesis

    1. Oh, Lynn, I know; we need to kindle hope for each other. I think transformation happens where it’s invited. I’ve given too much of my energy to worry, frustration, fear, and anger. I’m trying now to both relax and live from the peace–and surrender–at my center. (Trying is the operative word, but since I’ve begun feeding that peace more, I have noticed it’s grown.) I was beginning to believe my voice and my dreams for the world didn’t matter, because other voices were so loud and oppressive, but I think our gifts, our arts–they’re why we’re here/now, and we need to create our own little visions and dreams for the world as much as we can, collaborate in that creation, share the outcomes however we’re able, and leave the rest to Love. You are so immensely endowed with gift that I have to say how grateful I am for all the ways you send beauty and inspiration into the world, and my life. xoxoxoxo

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        1. Sounds like a lovely description of creating art…I believe some deeply inspiring music/photography/one-of-a-kind creation that would only be yours is gestating, Lynn.

          I attended a zoom retreat with Paula D’Arcy and 40 wonderful people last weekend and felt almost flooded with ideas and inspiration. Really helped take me out of my head and into my spirit.

          I went here: Lots of interesting offerings. 💕

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  1. Dear Kitty,
    Receiving this gift of your words today, my heart is indeed nourished
    And I feel “released into dreaming” in a most tender way.
    With deep gratitude,


    1. Oh, how lovely to read this, Mary! Thank you for sharing your kind response. May your dreams be gifts to your spirit and fruitful in your life. Gentle peace to you; be safe and well.


  2. Thank you so much for your constant kindness and the authentic joy you add to my life and so many others. Sending love to you and your beloveds. Gentle peace to your precious days together. xoxoxo


  3. This is lovely. I do find it difficult to be very hopeful, but even a spark is something upon which to build. Thank you for the glimpse.


    1. Yes, these are hard times, but no one can take away your capacity to love, your right to believe in hope, work for justice, effect change, take time to rest in gentle peace, feed on joy, know that, at your core, you’re eternal, or respond to life with an attitude that keeps your spirit balanced.

      Be safe and well; you’re in my heart.


    1. Oh, Jeanne, how kind of you; thank you! You’re just as great a gift in my life. Your talents inspire me and gift me with clarity. I’m glad we were led to each other! Xoxo


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