The Still Room


For centuries, the still room was the sole
sanctuary and laboratory of women, the room
where kitchen garden harvests of flowers and
herbs were reduced to their essence, distilled,
brewed, separated, recombined, acknowledged
for the gifts they offered, the singular medicines
they provided, the flavors and healing they infused
into the lives of families and guests. Wisdom from
women, mingled and shared from spirits, lips, breasts,
hands, wombs, in still rooms, in rooms of stillness across time.

Let us return now to our still rooms, dear sisters,
for the world is sorely in need of our women’s gifts
for reducing too many words to their essential meaning,
for condensing mad noise to its sacred music, and crazed chaos
to peaceful purpose. Let us remind the world how the flavors
and functions of kindness and love alter the weary soul, how
listening transforms action and forgiveness gently mends
what has been broken. Let us offer a brew of patience
and hope that calms the breath and opens the heart to all
the miracles that pass from lips, breasts, hands, wombs,
in still rooms. In rooms of stillness, across time, the wisdom
of women has always saved the world. Let us create and heal.

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7 thoughts on “The Still Room

  1. Hear, hear, Kitty. We forget that we’re powerful, and that we’re healers. Every now and then I see – or maybe just happen to notice – the difference a smile makes upon another. So easy, so healing. I smile often, but don’t often think of the impact. Funny, right?


  2. You’re so right! We easily forget our power to ease burdens, alter the course of a day, or a life. The general moods of the planet seem more fueled by anger and cynicism and eliciting anger and fear. We can forget our purpose and lose our our way. But we can also share our smile, our kindness, and our art, and stay true to the path of our hearts.


    1. Yay! I knew you were in, of course, right beside me creating peace, healing, re-homing the homeless, and loving the world. Proud and blessed to call you sister. Sending love, xoxoxox


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