All Gifts Are For Mending


The world doesn’t need your anger,
and hatred never alters what it hates.
Release crazed worry.
Mother your fear.

Reject the noise of fools and madmen.
Set down the relentless self, the need
to be heard, to be right, to be favored.
Breathe with the music of starlit skies.

Let the shadows speak.
What have they come to teach your weary heart?

Rest in the quiet fires of dawn.
Sleep in the hush of feathered nests.
Drift like clouds on the silver river.
Be the stillness of trees, rooted and willing
to flow with every season’s song: allowing, accepting,
and offering back the softness of the world.

Understand, finally, what it means to be strong,
how the world transforms through gentle patience,
and the heart, too. You can do this for yourself,
and then for all. All gifts are for mending.
Don’t wait.

Love is kind.
Let its trail unfold.
Fall in Love.
Rise in Love.

The world doesn’t need your anger,
and hatred never alters what it hates.
Find the better way.
Create what is wiser than war.
Meet the noise with silence;
Open your wounds to the mystery of new paths.
Forgive. Look beyond. Look within.

Meet in the softness of the world.
Don’t wait.
All gifts are for mending.



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8 thoughts on “All Gifts Are For Mending

  1. yet again you show up with the perfect words for where we are today
    thanksKitty for your gentle reminder of my next steps to the way ahead


    1. Ah, Teresa, I’m so glad you can connect with my words; it’s encouraging and lovely to imagine us sharing ideas together and offering some comfort to each other. Thank you for your kindness, and great peace to your week. 💕


    1. Thank you, dear one. Yes, I love Teagan and Gracie together…they sit lovingly like this, then wrestle and run, and come to rest again. Good sisters.
      Joy to your week.


  2. Your words are perhaps some of the loveliest I’ve ever read; they offer me hope and calm in our uncertain times.
    Thank you.


    1. How kind of you, Janice. I’m so happy you felt comforted by my words. Yours have given me hope in turn, and I thank you. There is so much love and hope to notice—and offer—the world. Gentle peace to you and your beloveds, Janice.


  3. I seem to have missed this post in my ever-growing Inbox, but know what? it seems created for this season right now, and looking at the New Year. Such a lovely poem, Kitty. Thank you once again.
    We need to be brave in the face of so much nowadays, but rising in love … that sure is where it’s at.
    Hope the New Year brings you, and all of us, lighter, brighter, and safer days ahead with more starlit skies. Even when we can’t see the stars. 🌟❤️


  4. Thank you, Jeanne. I’m glad you met the poem at the right time for you, and that it spoke to you. I appreciate your kindness in offering a comments whenever you visit!

    Be well and safe. I hope the New Year will bless you in desired and surprising ways. XO


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