Candles in the Dark

IMG-1134 (1)

The overlay of tragic days
on those we know as holy
invites our hearts to listen
to stories shining light.

Our ancestors,
yearning for freedom,
while the Holy One
passed over and spared them;

Our ancestors,
huddled in helplessness,
while crucified mercy
awaited entombment;

Our ancestors,
searching the earth and stars,
when winter would leave them
and new life return;

Our ancestors,
families embracing,
in times dark and desperate
for safety and peace;

In mystery,
fragile and delicate,
survival has always
depended on love.

Freedom came,
and mercy rose,
spring blossomed,
justice triumphed.

The story ends,
another starts,

Every choice we make today
creates the living chapter
that passes on and offers hope–
or not–to those who follow;

We will adapt; we will endure;
we will survive this sorrow;
and we will add our wisdom
to stories shining light.


Time to inquire within and honor my journey; I’ll be back next week. Joy to you, and gentle peace. May the promises and lessons of these holy days and this blessed season of renewal feed your spirit and gladden your heart.


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16 thoughts on “Candles in the Dark

        1. This is a very lovely project, Liesl, and I prefer to invite others to create and share their wonderful art. Thank you for your kindness; I hope you are well and safe, and will keep creating images that help us see who we are and can be. Ancora imparo: I am still learning. The words are attributed to an aged Michelangelo and that, I think, is beautiful inspiration for all of us, every day, but especially now.

          If you could provide a link to this blog, that would be appreciated.

          Thank you, again, for sharing and for inspiring. Gentle peace to you, always.


          1. Thank you for taking the time to respond. It means a lot! – I have added the link as you have requested.


  1. Wishing you a very happy Easter….. thank you for your’s keeping a lot of people entertained…..


  2. We are our ancestors:
    We are the past.
    We are our children:
    We are the future.
    We are the present generation.
    Don’t we need regeneration?


  3. I loved this. Daughter will tell her daughter about these times, as all our ancestors have done. Oh…those misty trees had me utterly captivated. Just beautiful. Happy Easter to you all. Love and hugs.xxxx


    1. Same to you and your lovebugs. May your celebrations of spring and light and all new life be as merry as they can. Yes; we’re part of a great adventure now, aren’t we? We always were, but it’s taken quite a stupendously dramatic leap.

      To healing and transformation. 🌸


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