And did you get the things you craved
to make your life complete?
Or did the visions change and shift
as days crept by
and eyes could see
the treasures
always here?

Then lift your hands in gratitude
and lift your heart in love
and see the blessings everywhere
you’d overlooked
or pushed aside
to reach for
empty things.


This article, published on Medium (4/10/2020), by Julio Vincent Gambuto, addresses thoughts similar to those that led to this poem. A friend shared it with me this morning in blessed serendipity:

I pray we’ll use this time to clarify our vision and make better choices regarding our energy, gifts, resources, social responsibilities, and the justice we offer all who share our earth. Everything doesn’t have to change; some things must. May we have wisdom to choose wisely. And then, when the time is back in joint, act.


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12 thoughts on “Messages

  1. Oh so much joy creatures bring to our lives, even just looking at their pictures…Sweet faces of innocence. Great words you wrote as well Kitty. One can feel the electricity of people waking up right now and they are looking about and questioning. How will we know for certain when we have entered the new paradigm and left the old one behind completely? Who knows really. We are on a journey never taken before and it depends upon each of us as to what path we end up on. Choice is in our DNA…Thanks for sharing.The sweet puppy’s eyes and the wee bird is precious? Is it still with you? Be well and at peace…VK ❤


  2. Thank you, VK! Yes, trying to stay hopeful about the changes that can come from this…so much depends on choice, then action.
    Our sweet Micky really has a way of seeing through us. 🙂 All the 4-leggeds are such gifts to us.
    We tried to save that sweet finch baby, but it did not survive. And I cry every time I see its sweet hope in this photo, We have to do better by our earth and her creatures…all of us.
    Be well, friend, Kitty


    1. Sorry to hear the wee baby bird did not make it and I know you tried HARD to give it life! Just know it’s final hours it was not alone or unloved. That is a great gift to give anyone or anything! Wonderful you did that 🙂 ❤


  3. This touched me so much. We’ve taken for granted what we have and what’s important for too long. I hope this stays with us long after the virus is gone.


    1. Thank you so much for your kindness, Judy; I hope we make healthy choices and live them out, too. Please be well and stay safe. Gentle peace to you.


  4. Kitty, I feel that you are part of my larger family.
    Here’s a bird’s song for you:

    I don’t talk, I sing
    I don’t walk, I hop
    I don’t run, I fly

    I’ve nothing, need nothing
    No big house, I sleep on trees
    When sun rises, I sing
    When sun sets, I sing

    My tea: two drops of dew
    My food: a bit of nothing
    No need for shopping
    No need for money

    No car, but I go everywhere
    No roads, I fly the sky
    No walls, no frontiers to stop me

    I share my joy
    I sing for all
    Rich or poor
    White or black

    When I die
    No need for coffin
    No need for grave
    I am a little nothing.


    1. How lovely, Shiva! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful words: humility is such a gift to self and others. ♥️ Stay well and safe. ♥️
      Gentle peace.


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