Time for Transformation

The recommendation from our government, during this time of quarantine, is to stay inside; the deeper invitation, as always, is to actually go inside.
At some point in our childhoods, we strap on a backpack we never remove. Instead, we stuff it full, every day, with all the feelings we don’t want to feel, because we haven’t time; we’re too frightened; they threaten our ego; we’re not worthy of our own love. All the feelings of shame, hurt, anger, resentment, regret, loss, grief…the backpack gets heavier and heavier and we wrap it in denial, and our spirits bend lower. “Someday,” is really the mantra for most of us.
Now, many of us have been given the great gift of time our spirits yearn for all our lives. We can continue to avoid the call of our hearts by overfeeding on the nonstop anxiety offered by our phones, televisions, and computers…or we can allow ourselves the grace to empty the backpack and begin to sort through and “feel” the feelings it’s held for so long.
Just sit with them, offer gentle welcome, listen, forgive, befriend, let go. And it’s OK if we’re not ready; we can keep opening space for them to emerge when they are ready.

In a time when we must endure a virus that brings death, we can choose to become more alive than ever. Let’s not squander this gift to heal and emerge from our cocoons transformed. Gentle peace.

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31 thoughts on “Time for Transformation

  1. Beautiful! I refuse to be afraid or riddled with anxiety during the coming weeks. Instead, I’m going to read, watch birds, paint furniture, watch old movies, and do anything else that appeals to me. Thank you for your calming words.

    1. I hope these activities are giving you peace, Tammie: They sound calming and creative! Be well and safe, and thank you so much for taking time to write. Gentle peace and happy creating!

  2. How kind of you, and what wonderful plans you have for using your time at home! My list is a lot like yours and today—yay—I found a new mystery series!!!!

    Be well, and gentle peace.

    1. Kitty O’Meara?? Many folks are trying to give credit to an author who passed away in 2013 in New Rochelle, NY. . I would love to have confirmation that you are in fact, alive and well. Your words ring true and I bless your ability to be my heart speaker.
      Blessings Always,

      1. Oh, dear. No, I’m alive and kicking, or rather Irish dancing today. Good of you to visit and offer kind comments. Be well and take care. 🙂

        1. Kitty ☘️
          Oh, I’n so happy to hear from you!! My heart smiled while reading your words. I will pass this great news along to those sharing your pertinent words of wisdom ☘️

          1. Good to hear from you, too! I hope you are well and safe, and remain so. Thanks for your time and kindness! We sure need those now, don’t we?

    1. Thank you, Mora How kind of you to take time to share. I hope you are well and safe. Please take good care of yourself! Gentle peace.

  3. Your spirit strikes a resounding cord for this time of change. May you continue to share it with those around you near and far. Dave

  4. Thank you so much for your articulate thoughts. They mean so much. And build strength in this time.

  5. I have spent the last year learning to live my life this way, connected with nature, healing from a chronic anxiety problem and a life that fell apart. I feel like I was already ready for what’s happening now and glad to be in a position to share the message that it will be ok. x

  6. Oh, good for you, Marion; I’m so happy that you feel you’ve regained your balance and are ready for further changes. May we meet them in love and hope. Gentle peace.

  7. Beautiful, gentle words of encouragement. For so many, the pace of the modern world simply doesn’t give moments to stop and reflect – much less actually introspect and try to change for the better. May we all use this period of pause to set our futures on a better path.

  8. Perfectly stated, Yacoob; this time of suffering does not come without gift. Thank you so much for sharing. Be well, and gentle peace.

  9. And when the backpacks are emptied, and the head-down attitude toward life is stripped away, there is an opportunity to listen to the frequencies we don’t hear when the noise of our lives shuts them out. And when we hear them, our hearts open to trust in the things that actually mean something. To love, to the support of friends and neighbours, to kindness, to forgiveness. When we can hold space for the planet and people to heal, there is no fear of what might or might not come. Nothing can harm us in that place. It is peace.

  10. Absolutely, and it is an ongoing practice. Thank you so much for feeding my spirit with your beautiful words. be well, and gentle peace.

  11. Hello Kitty,
    Be blessed. I am a health care worker and am in the midst of the pandemic. I am also a college student doing a research paper on pandemics. Your poem brought me back to reality. Can I have your permission to quote your poem in my research paper. Continue to be inspired.

  12. Hello, Agnes,

    I have written many poems. Are you referring to, “In the Time of Pandemic”? If so, yes, feel free to include it in your paper. It has been misquoted and misattributed, however, so please use the words provided here, on my blog, and credit Kitty O’Meara with authorship.

    Thank you so much for asking permission to use the poem, and thank you IMMENSELY for your brave and courageous studies and work, Agnes. Please be well and safe, and know the love and prayers of millions surround you and your colleagues.
    Gentle peace.

  13. Yes Kitty. I am referring to “In the Time of Pandemic.” I certainly will give credit where credit is due. May you continue to be blessed.

  14. Dear Kitty, I’m wondering if you would give permission to use your “In the time of Pandemic” poem and also the last paragraph of this blog post in my sermon tomorrow. (Lutheran Pastor) They both fit so well with my theme which is that we do have an opportunity for transformation in all this. The entire human race can be different, in a blessed and positive way, because of this experience. My prayer is that it lasts, that we are truly transformed to be kinder, more compassionate, more aware of our fellow humans, gentler to our earth, more forgiving towards those that are different enough. Just imagine the possibilities! Peace be with you. Chuck Foerster

    1. That would be fine with me, Chuck; I welcome the use of my words to comfort others and to remind them there are important choices we can make, even when we feel so powerless, to create greater peace, compassion, and justice. Confinement can, paradoxically, be widening. 🙂 Be safe and well, Chuck, and thank you for sharing your important gifts with the world. Gentle peace, Kitty

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