Rx: Spring’s Impossible Green

DSCF5440A week ago, we were worried that drought would keep our spring brown and our gardens thirsty. Then, we were blessed by wonderful storms that brought thunder, a bit of hail, and spring’s annual magic.


DSCF5319We watched as, within a few days, the dead browns of winter were replaced by spring’s impossible greens.


DSCF5336(Well, most of us watched. Murphy hid under bedcovers when thunder rumbled.)


DSCF5301Crocus blossoms opened and spiders crisscrossed the blooms with delicate strands of filament…sometimes, I think these hold the world together.


DSCF5530The river rose and even spilled over the banks a bit.

DSCF5340This little fellow splashed happily in the ditch, using a puddle as his private spa.

DSCF5510I was under the weather during the tail end of the week. Try as I might, I didn’t escape the spring flu wiggling its way through my students and then through me. I’d looked forward to meeting a friend and sharing lunch before exploring the Wisconsin Film Festival, and was disappointed I had to cancel that adventure. But I did stumble out yesterday for a family gathering and belated celebration of Phillip’s birthday. The morning began with a brilliant sunrise that flashed around the bedroom, refracting in windows and surprising the heart with joy.


DSCF5492A tentative walk with the pups assured me I had my sea legs back under me and walked once again among the living. That green! What an amazing medicine, shooting straight through the eyes, the body, and spirit.



DSCF5343We met our family for lunch, and then visited the nearby home of Phillip’s niece, who raises sheep and chickens.





Surrounded by people we love, the sweetness and beauty of the new life, and the impossible green, I knew I was on the mend.



DSCF5610And mending renews hope: If the earth can transform from colorless death to wild green life in just a week, well, maybe there’s hope for humanity. Maybe nothing’s impossible, after all.





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10 thoughts on “Rx: Spring’s Impossible Green

  1. Thanks for sharing your surge of spring! Sorry you encountered the flu but now that is behind you and you can move forward. Boy I could just squeeze and hug those lambs. My goodness how precious! Just patches of snow left here now. I long for it all to be gone but seeing grass again is a treat! I cleaned out the bird boxes today and as wonderful as synchronicity can be, the swallows returned squeaking and singing and dive bombing their way through the skies. Such a wonderful moment as I called out my usual greeting to them and they swooped low almost to within touching distance of me to say hi. Loved it! Spring is here at last 🙂 Blessings to you all. Mend quickly…..VK ❤


  2. Oh, what a beautiful experience you had with the swallows! I can hear the mutual welcome in the hearts of all the spirits present. Thank you soooo much for sharing that and visiting…I appreciate your kind wishes and can only say, again, how fast the changes have happened here: prepare to be stunned. 🙂 In a good way.


  3. The photos are just wonderful… especially those through the window at day break. And I love the cat looking through the window, And the sheep! It’s not just the greens. It’s such a pleasure looking at your world through your eyes. Sorry you’ve been struggling with the flu. I know a bit about that too. My doctor convinced me to take the flu shot by telling me that it would be life threatening if I got the flu. And then despite the shot, I got something anyway. I suppose it’s part of the struggle through winter. And it usually takes a long time to wrestle our way out of it. The older we get, the harder. But you seem to be well on the way to recovery. Sending you my best wishes, Kitty. Beautiful post.


  4. Thank you, Shimon: I trust you’re over the darn flu, too…you’re right about the flu shot not protecting us against everything, and also about the length of time to recover from some of these viruses. Glad we’re both stepping into spring with more liveliness and improved health, now. Let’s believe we’re stronger for having overcome these flu bugs. 🙂

    Thank you for your gracious and encouraging comments about the photos, Shimon; I so appreciate these. I still haven’t figured out why the sunrise colors refract in the opposite window, but I enjoy the show.

    Gentle peace to your new week; I hope you’ll have opportunities to enjoy all the buds blossoming around you. Perhaps, you and one (or two) of your many beautiful women friends will have an outing or two, and the wonderful conversation–and food–you always seem to share. And then, we’ll be able to hear about it. 🙂


    1. Oh, Norm, how kind of you to share this…I do miss those amazing Peachtree City springs, and hope yours is lovely this year. I so wish redbuds would thrive here! Gentle peace to your week and thank you, again, for taking the time to comment. 🙂


  5. Oh….I SO pleased to hear the river is full to overflowing again, now you can get out on the canoe……also pleased to hear that you have the flu on the run, it’s so bloomin’ draining isn’t it!
    The pics are simply heavenly, I love a good storm and bet you thoroughly enjoyed it! Poor Murphy…..there’s always one who hates them!
    Sighs….those sunsets shots are magical! I can imagine your students creating art with the second image…..I was immediately thinking tissue paper over paint/crayons! Struth….look….you’ve created a monster here….I’m becoming obsessed by your lovely projects!
    What is that creature in the ditch, it looks like a furby…the kids toy!!! Brilliant!
    Ahhhh….lambs and laying hens….yes, spring is here. I LOVED this post!xxx


  6. Oh, Dina, your comments just fill me with joy and energy. 🙂

    I think that’s a junco lying in the ditch water: he was so merrily splashing away that it was hard to get a reliable i.d., but I’d go with junco.

    I know what you mean about the tissue paper art; I was thinking along similar lines, maybe for an autumn project…? I’ve always got to make sure 7-year-old’s will enjoy the projects and not be frustrated (as they were with the “rainy day” piece we tried this week…older kids loved it, though. 🙂 )

    The lambs were a compete gift and the hens made me laugh…perfect!

    Hoping we ‘ll get out in the canoe this weekend…we shall see. Wish you were here.

    Joy to your days, and peaceful nights.


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