Gentle Peace

DSCF5006We’ve been on a break from school this week and, as with most vacations, the time has flown by. Our days have been filled with daily sessions of spring cleaning, followed by long walks, gatherings, periods of solitude, and late afternoon dates with wine, treats, and enough warm sunshine to sit outside and soak up some gentle peace together.

DSCF5080I fiddled around with a few new art projects I can share with my students during our remaining weeks together.


DSCF5162For the first time we can recall in our decades of living here, the April river is too low for our inaugural canoe ride, but we stood on the bridge and watched those who could enjoy the river do so. This little muskrat seemed to relish his leisurely swim and Narcissus moment of self-reflection and grooming time.


DSCF5121Despite some days of lovely warmth, we couldn’t get into the gardens just yet, except to cut back the grasses where the local bunnies love to nest. Apologies to Peter Cottontail, but I suspect that beneath the porches and decks at Full Moon Cottage, there exists an entire cosmos of warrens and teeming rabbit life; they are not welcome to my gardens as well, although when long-eared scouts venture out on reconnaissance missions, their hopping-stopping behaviors provide energetic barking workouts for the pups, who live to feel useful and appreciated through their protective guardianship of Mama and her gardens.

DSCF5011I’ve learned over (many) years at Full Moon that it’s better to wait until all possibility of frost has passed before I rake away mulch, and too eagerly dig and till…but I could feel the rising joy in my spirit when I noticed how the tulips and daffodils are growing, and the lilac buds are reaching a ripening fullness. Wild daisies, irises, bleeding heart and all manner of weeds are waving their little green flags, and along the trail, the garlic mustard continues its invasion as the ash trees die back from the beautiful, wicked Emerald Borer destroying them. The wild roses, grapes, and raspberries are as determined to thrive as ever; we shall see what evolves.


DSCF5082I learned this week, or perhaps relearned, as I’m old enough to forget and then delight in rediscovering so many things, it seems, that trilliums are also known by the wonderful names “wakerobin” and “birthroot;” who cannot be moved by the ways we address and welcome spring?

DSCF7571We added some finishing touches to the guest room, which has offered a good and pleasant pursuit, as we’ve worked to create a retreat of contentment. This week, we’ve been the guests, enjoying the peaceful colors of the room and the night songs from the river and woods that punctuate the stillness. These are the days for opening doors, opening windows, airing and refreshing our minds and spirits.

DSCF5183Happily, too, we had plenty of time this week to meet with friends for breakfasts, and lunches, and card games, and walks along the trail. We browsed salvage and antique shops, watched a few movies, took luxurious afternoon naps in sunpuddles, as instructed by the cats, and lingered over our morning coffee, sharing our dreams.


DSCF5154And so the earth has turned and we are Winter People breathing into Easter People once more. Wakerobins and birthroots. The dark cocoons are pierced by light and fall away. Again. Always. This week allowed us to emerge in grace, and gently. Stepping lightly into the almost imperceptible unfolding of who we are now.

DSCF5023I’m grateful for the tenderness of the transition, the peaceful companionship of my husband and friends, the restoration and renewal of my spirit, the signs of life and calls of the wild, more music than clamor, a love written in my name and sent as gift, reminding me that all shall be well.

DSCF5046I wish my friends a Blessed Easter, a continued celebration of Passover, and the Gentle Peace of the season.



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4 thoughts on “Gentle Peace

  1. I’m so glad you and Philip have had such a wonderful week and some sunshine, it all sounds totally heavenly to me!
    What a shame the river is so low….here’s to it reaching the right levels soon!!! I love the muskrat, what a gorgeous critter, and the other pics are gorgeous too, you do have some fantastic wildlife, how I wish I could glide down that river!
    I love your art ideas, I think the black and white crow pic would make a wonderful project for your students too!!!
    I’m smiling at your rabbit issue, I don’t have them in my garden fortunately, and goodness they do know how to go forth and multiply!
    Your guest room is simply lovely, I shall imagine I’m sleeping in there listening to all the calls of the wild. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and a very happy birthday to Philip!!!xxxx


  2. Well, if you and your Dear One ever visit the U.S. and want to see places NOT on the coast, we’re within relatively short drives to Chicago and Minneapolis, and, of course, Madison and Milwaukee. 🙂 So you could use the guest room as your base…but might have to give me an art lesson. 🙂

    Rain is forecast this week…hope it comes soon.

    I do love our wildlife. If we ever move, and stay in this country, it would probably be further North, where there are wolves, bears, and loons, three of my favorites. And Northern lights. Ah!

    Thank you for visiting and for the good wishes sent to Phillip…it was hard to get back in the swing of things this morning, but we managed. Gotta love those breaks,

    Peace to your week, Dina.


  3. A beautiful post on transition. How wonderful to relearn, and be reborn with the coming of spring. Your pictures always give me the feeling that I’m right there near your beautiful Full Moon Cottage. May the spring bring new strength to you and your loved ones.


    1. Thank you, Shimon; I love to think of you sitting with me, enjoying a glass of wine and all the new life! Joy to your week:May it be blessed with blossoms and promise.


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