It comes for everyone, doesn’t it?
The inevitable end of all this, the flower petals
falling, the leaves falling, the day falling into night.

Here’s what I’ll remember, though:
Sitting in the garden on your last morning,
holding your hand, breathing as one,
till your head softly tipped,
your breath slowed,
and stopped,
death so gentle and
so gently deserved.

I kissed you and sat
still, soft tears falling,
watching the butterfly’s wing-tattered
body-battered flight
through the holy-colored brilliance
to the pinkest bloom,
where it came to perfect stillness
and drank deeply of life
as thought it would last forever.

And in that moment,
everything I’d ever loved about you
came clear–
was the theme of your life, your constant song:
Choose joy, drink it in, share its light.

And, as the butterfly rose again, and your spirit, too,
unbound, untethered,
illumined within and without,
you (I know it was) brushed
against the poppy’s ghost,
and I saw
I saw the tiny seeds
spilling to the waiting earth.

I should have expected this:
You always left me
gifted and blessed.





© Copyright of all visual and written materials on The Daily Round belongs solely to Catherine M. O’Meara, 2011-Present. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited, without the author’s written approval. No one is authorized to use Catherine O’Meara’s copyrighted material for material gain without the author’s engagement and written permission. All other visual, written, and linked materials are credited to their authors. Thank you, and gentle peace.

6 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. So so beautiful Kitty. I’m so happy I found you…been following you for the last several months, reading, absorbing and appreciating everything! Thank you.


    1. Thank you so much! That’s lovely to hear and brightens my day. I’m happy you enjoyed this poem.
      I hope you’re safe and well, and I send you gentle peace.


    1. Thank you, dear one; I hope you’re having a lovely gardening week. Ghastly hot here, but mornings and early evenings are cool enough to weed and enjoy the fireflies! Sending love; be well and safe. 🙂


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