Dance for a Broken World


The dance begins
when all the world
has shed its skin, collapsing.
The sky we thought reliable
already torn and fallen,
and all the stars, the sacred stars
have dazzled down and died.

Commence the dance
physicians do
when surgically excising,
attack the dark methodically,
with blades and good intention
ablate the tired philosophies,
the rule books and lies.

And then remove
the cruel words
imprisoning our choices,
defining and confining life,
excluding the surprising
antitheses and challenges,
the different and the new.

Unscrew our heads
and empty them;
re-screw them at an angle,
and now we’ll dance atonement for
the paths we chose in blindness,
rejecting love, allowing fear
to build so many walls.

We’ll waltz beside
the rubble of
the world with all our refuse,
ignite and watch the madness burn,
a wild dance of anger,
accepting blame, releasing shame,
forgiving, dancing peace.

Transition to
a slowing turn,
but fixed, the cosmic whirling
of dervishes, we’ll go within;
listening for newborn sounds,
for colors, music, songs of stars,
for earthsong, and our own.

Outside of time,
and only when
we’re ready, we’ll awaken.
A vision dance, a midwife dance,
a dance of deeper questions,
the mystery trove of who we are
and who we’ve come to be.

So bow and bend,
begin to sift
through shattered dreams and fragments:
the black and white, the wrong and right,
the never’s and the always,
philosophies, theologies
that broke our precious world.

And we’ll lift up
the pieces that
flash out, in shining brilliance,
the soft and cool, the tingling shapes,
the tiny shards that echo
the music growing in our hearts–
And then we’ll dance with light.

Remember, there
are stars here, and
in ruins there is treasure,
and dying circles back to life,
so let us dance creation,
the dance of spirits freed to share
the answers that they bring.

And when we join
our treasures with
our songs in loving patterns,
the essence of the rubble will
transform into a garden–
and we will call the garden home,
and we will dance in joy.


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9 thoughts on “Dance for a Broken World

  1. Oh goodness, I just loved this. I hope it all plays out just like this, hopefully it will for the majority. Thos photos are stunning, especially that moon and


  2. Thank you, dear one. Our poppies were so splendiferous this year…big storm/high winds tonight, so sweet poppy petals will be decimated…but not without my gratitude for their beauty. 🙂 Thank you for your kindness in visiting and sharing. Love you to bits and pieces. xoxo


  3. Poppies seem to sum it up don’t they, so fragile yet so hardy, like people. It’s my treat visiting here, long may that continue! Looking forward to buying your children’s book and poetry book! Love you, Angel


  4. Kitty! How did I miss that you were back writing again!? How wonderful. I’m sure you were “called in” to help in these challenging times. I was quite sure I had subscribed and was following you as I’d received notices in the past, but … that said, I am following you now for sure. I look forward to your posting again, and will catch up on past posts as I can. Thank you for all you say and do.


  5. Thank you, Jeanne, for your kindness, for welcoming me back to sharing my words publicly, and for offering your own encouraging words to the world as well! Called is the perfect word for invitations larger than we could imagine, that’s for sure.

    Be well and safe, Jeanne, and great gentle peace to you. 🙂


  6. Dear Kitty,

    thank you very much for this poem. Yes, our world is so fragile. We are so fragile in these special times. But if we dare to “dance over our fears” we will discover a deeper dance. Thank you for expressing that.

    Dear Kitty,
    I am writing to you because I have a question concerning your poem “In the time of Pandemic” – I write a comment here because you already closed the comments there. I was very moved by an interpretation of your poem that Parents For Future Hannover made for climate strike. The Parents for Futures Hannover translated your poem into German and read it out – I was very touched by the tenderness they radiated by reading it out – you can see the video here: – They gave me there okay to use it but asked me to ask you of I might use it.

    I am an author and I am about to publish my book MAKE WORLD WONDER in this summer. It is really a heart project and it deals with the world we are longing for and we could create to gether. You can have a look in the first part of my book here (it is in German):

    On 20th of June I have the possibility to present my book in a youtube livestream and I want to stage that as a commercial show for a better world. In one sequence I would like integrate this video of the parents for future with your poem.

    Thank you very much if that was possible.

    And: Thank you very much for your inspiring, deep and important work thats moves so many hearts.

    All the best to you and your loved ones.

    Stay save and healthy

    Warm wishes from Hannover, Germany,



    1. Oh, dear, Stephanie, this comment went into a “Pending” file and I did not see it till this morning; I am so sorry. Yes, I LOVE that group of parents, their hard work for our planet, and the excellent role models they are for their children! Please, if there is still time for you to arrange it, feel free to use their video in your livestream. Your book looks like a wonderful contribution to the world’s healing: thank you for that, and please stay well and safe, Stephanie! Gentle peace.


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