All is Bright


It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day. As kids, we’d make cookies for Santa and hang our Christmas stockings on the night of December 5th. We’d hear a story from Daddy and go to bed excited about the enchantment imminently expected to overtake our home: a visit from St. Nick! (Technically, Santa Claus, but we didn’t question magic. Why question anything that brings chocolate and gifts? Just be grateful!)

Old Christmas 001Old Christmas 2 001Old Christmas 002

The stockings held our precious letters for Santa that outlined our Christmas wishes and promises of continued good behavior. The next morning, we’d discover an empty cookie tray, small treats in our stockings, and an elegantly-scripted note from Santa. These memories always conflate with images of snowfalls, sledding, skating, snowmen, and icicles…

Old Christmas 003

This year, my poppies are leafing out in spring viridity and the lawn is ready for the Easter bunny to come hopping along. Chickadees are singing spring songs and, although our mornings can be frosty, our afternoon temperatures have been climbing to 50° F/10° C.


We had a beautiful snowfall just before Thanksgiving, and Malarky’s excitement and wonder as he explored this new phenomena made it almost as magical for me.


We even enjoyed our November full moon midnight-potty-excursions (his, not mine). Somehow, being roused from sleep isn’t so bad when the outside world is sparkling with snow and stars.


So the current experience of climate change is odd, but not without its blessings. Although I’m not transplanting anything in the garden, I can remove the dandelions and other weeds that are taking advantage of the warmth. Getting my hands muddy in December is an adventure. I received this link from a friend last week, and better understand why mucking around in soil is good for the spirit. Much better than a bout of winter-induced seasonal affective disorder!


Our home is decorated for the season, too, so indoors, it looks like Christmas, even if outside, it looks like we’ve moved to the South.

The 4-leggeds are blissfully content, another reminder that letting go of expectations for how things should be, or hanging the joy of now upon its conformity to memories, even happy ones, is pointless. I’m grateful for a happy childhood, but I’m happy for now, too.


All is bright.

I hope it’s the same for you this lovely, wonderful holiday season. Happy St. Nick’s!



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8 thoughts on “All is Bright

  1. Happy St. Nick’s day. The photographs are absolutely beautiful, especially the ones of Malarkey, the feline four leggeds and the Christmas decorations. St. Nick’s was a big event in our house, too, thanks to our mom : ) Thank you for reminding me of this day.


  2. Hi Kitty…I am truly amazed that with one rambunctious puppy and a handful of kitties that your beautiful tree is still in one piece. Looks like you have been very busy decorating! I hope you guys enjoy the holidays and I especially hope Malarky is filling the voids in your hearts and bringing you joy! Sure looks like it 🙂 Take care and all the best to you my friend. Love and hugs….VK ❤


    1. Oh, Hollis, the tree bounces! Not really, but it’s been joggled and jiggled, and still stands…we’ll see. Malarky is pretty tightly reined in that room, but he’s gotten free and dashed through a few times. Good for my heart rate. 🙂 Thank you for the sweet wishes and blessings to you, too, and to your kind heart.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Kitty, what a wonderful post in so many ways. I loved seeing your childhood photos – they look a lot like mine from that era and bring real feelings of nostalgia. Malarky is a gorgeous happy-looking boy – I am so glad to know that you have found another four-legged to snuggle into your heart (though raising puppies are not for the faint-hearted!). We have had the same warm weather here but not the snow. I must admit that I am ready for a mild winter for a change 🙂 Happy Christmas season full of light and love!


  4. Oh, our snow left so quickly. I’m trying to be appreciative of what a mild winter offers, but I miss the glory of snow. As long as we can avoid ice (LOTS of rain this year), I’ll be grateful.

    Malarky is a joy; we’re pretty sure Clancy and Riley nudged him our way. 🙂 It is good to have him with us, and the cats are adapting according to their abilities…it will take time, I know.

    Blessings on your Christmas season and all the joy and sweet surprises it offers, Lynn.


  5. What a lovely post! I am smiling away here! How Malarky has grown, and lovely to see him enjoying his first snow. I wouldn’t mind sorting potty training on such a lovely, magical night. How odd that your temperatures are so mild, here we have flooding and endless storms. I remember you gardening on Christmas day last year.
    I loved seeing your gorgeous decorations and enjoyed those childhood pictures, how SWEET are they??? Kitty cats had me laughing, who knew the sink was such a good place to sit!!! The pic of Fergus behind the greenery is magical, he is just a pair of floating eyes!!!xxx


  6. Fergus does love the Christmas tree; he’s resting beneath it right now, too. Finnegan loves my bathroom sink…I think it’s his spa and Fortress of Solitude.

    Malarky got away from me today and ran down the hilly, rocky, thorny brush-covered and very muddy riverbank right to the edge…he’s definitely entered adolescence…When he runs away, he glances back to see if I’m getting close and then runs further. Gad! If he wasn’t so darn cute…!

    Today was sweatshirt weather and it will be even warmer as the week goes on, but we’ve also had lots of rain.

    Glad you liked the old photos; we had a lovely childhood. 🙂 I always miss my parents something fierce this time of year.

    Love you, Dina; sending cheer your way. 🙂


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