Full Moon, Supermoon

May’s Full Moon, which bloomed this past Saturday, was also a Supermoon, which occurs when the new moon or full moon is in alignment with the earth and sun, and the moon is also in its nearest approach to earth. It’s explained in far greater detail here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermoon.

Our home was christened Full Moon Cottage on the night of May’s Full Moon in 1997, as we lay on a mattress placed on the living room floor of our new home. We couldn’t sleep for the brilliant light shining in. The acreage we’d just agreed to love and cherish for as long we lived here was aglow with shadows and shining blooms.

I love the moon like Monet loved his water lilies. It is round, feminine, holy, enchanted, stilling, comforting and cyclical, all qualities I value.

The Supermoon played hide-and-seek behind a thick cover of clouds, but she appeared for a time between 11:00 and midnight. I sat on the hill of our backyard, near the river, and befriended this one, mysterious and particular dance of the moon. The wind blew with a chilling intensity, but I stayed peacefully present in my friend’s company, and managed to get a few interesting pictures. I don’t have a tripod and it’s very hard, with my little, inexpensive hand-held camera, to get clear, steady shots, but the Moon graced me with a few serendipitous poses.

Here are  a few more of the love notes sent between us that night. I think she would be pleased with these memory-images…



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