May We Be Wise

Today and always,
may we be wise,
fired by love and
reaching for peace,
listening to the heart’s
yearning for justice,
envisioning the next kindness,
the new ways of being
the healing
we may offer the world,
and our beloveds,
and ourselves;
gathering our energies
to make such visions real,
to give them life through
our actions
our words
our willingness
to look once more and see
the all in every
the only in now
the new, eternally rising
from mystery and possibility.

© Copyright of all visual and written materials on The Daily Round belongs solely to Catherine M. O’Meara, 2011-Present. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited, without the author’s written approval. No one is authorized to use Catherine O’Meara’s copyrighted material for material gain without the author’s engagement and written permission. All other visual, written, and linked materials are credited to their authors. Thank you, and gentle peace.


4 thoughts on “May We Be Wise

  1. Oh, how beautiful! This says it all. These words might be yelled and whispered. A call to action, a daily prayer, a reminder, a bringing together, a song. Thank you for using your talents to open our eyes and our hearts.


    1. Thank you, my friend. I appreciate your kindness so much. What a week, year, decade. I’m pooped! I hope you and your beloveds are doing well and heading merrily into the holidays! XO


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