what we know is true

this is not who we are
or why we’re here; we know it.
life imperiled, imploding globe
poisoned, oh perishing whale pods
and flashing schools in the seas,
butterflies, bees, and beings unnamed,
unnoticed species, vast and vanishing,
ancient, noble, hidden insects,
reptiles, fungi, birds, and plants,
love’s endless invitations refused,
the kinship of life denied and dying,
reaching for hands reaching only for power,
hearts blind to the binding that might have been—
perhaps the web has torn beyond mending;
perhaps it was all a dream.

but here we are, hope-filled
not helpless, an infantry of two,
a coup fueled by yearning
and what we know is true,
armed with our tulip bulbs, hyacinths, daffodils
beating back fear, scattering promises
of rainbow explosions
where others threaten bombs,
planting resurrections in the dark
to remind us who we are and may be
when the light returns,
and knowing it will.

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8 thoughts on “what we know is true

  1. What a stunning, moving, beautiful poem. What a gift you have. Loved your photos and that you are getting all those tulips in the ground. Looking forward to seeing them bloom.xxx


    1. Thanks so much for your kindness, dear one. Yes! Really looking forward to the blooms…hope they survive the squirrels and winter.😉 Scattered a few deaf irises around, too, so spring should be merry here at Full Moon Cottage. 💕 XO


  2. Beautiful piece, Kitty. What a contrast that opening part is to just 2 years ago, when we celebrated the Earth seemingly healing…

    The latter part reminds me of a teaching of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): “If the Hour (the day of Resurrection) is about to be established and one of you was holding a palm shoot, let him take advantage of even one second before the Hour is established to plant it.” 

    Which I think resonates with your ethic of simply doing what you can, regardless of what the external circumstances appear to be.


  3. Kitty, as always, your writing is so true and beautiful.
    “… reaching for hands reaching only for power,” – what an incredible line. We can never give up … even on some grim-news days, I still see so many signs of hope. We will just continue to be the standard-bearers, and know we are not the only ones, and always hoping to inspire.
    BTW, I have a book “Kinship with All Life.” 🙂


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