At Rest

the pause illuminates all 
that’s come before; 
creation must gestate, a measure’s rest 
empowers hearing to deepen 
into listening, 
it allows our hearts to arrive
at the place where the music has taken us,
holding the notes in stilled 
and settled embrace, 
inviting their beauty to be known 
in lyrical relief
against the absence of sound;

noise without quiet–
movement without cessation– 
task without respite–
these yield only spent energy, 
wasted gift,
and dreamless sleep; oh silence,
heal my pace: ease me into the signature
of your time; hold me in your peace; 
keep me at rest 
till I must sing my new song 
and from all the music of my life, 
make meaning.

All along the trail these past few weeks, nature’s revealed her readiness to set and release her seeds back to the wind and earth, before she settles down for her own period of rest and regeneration. It’s made me realize that while–for most people–the pandemic was initially a long enforced rest, for me it was quite the opposite, my writing having “gone viral” in early March, 2020, and the ensuing invitations, requests, connections, full schedule, etc., has kept me VERY occupied rather than at rest. So, it makes sense to me, I suppose, that despite the pandemic’s persistent presence, it’s safer management and the availability of better protection have caused most of the people I know to re-engage with the world with all that pent-up energy, while I am exhausted and ready to be at rest for a good, long period.

I will continue to post from time to time, but with no enforced regularity. Other writing is simmering and bubbling away, and I choose to spend more time in my quiet, private creative kitchen for now.

I am so very grateful for those who have visited The Daily Round and taken time to share their responses over these past few years; you have enlightened, inspired, and comforted me greatly. Gentle Peace.

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13 thoughts on “At Rest

  1. I will continue to reread your past and future offerings. They ground me and give my life more meaning. And the visuals are transporting. Thanks for all you create and share.


  2. Hi Kitty,

    Love your verse on rest . . . I have just incorporated a time of rest in some of my days and your words catch the essence of what that has meant to me. Grateful to see it expressed so fully and well. Thank you, Judy 🙂


    1. Thanks, Judy! How wise of you to integrate rest time into your day; I hope the benefits will enrich and bless your spirit! I appreciate your kindness, and willingness to share.


  3. And thank you, Kitty, for sharing these moments of peaceful reflection and calm with us over these years. Enjoy the step back and the reduction in pressure, and I look forward to hearing from you again whenever you feel like posting 🤗.


    1. Thank you, Yacoob, for your own beautiful blog and its deep wisdom; I always look forward to your posts.

      I have so appreciated your visits, comments, and support as a fellow writer. Continued blessings and gentle peace to you!

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  4. A beautiful poem. Oh I can imagine how busy you have been and how tiring yet thrilling it has been so totally get why you need to rest and chill. I’m glad you’ll be posting when you can. Enjoy your quieter time and writing. Looking forward to your next book. Huge love and hugs to all. xxxx


    1. Thank you, Snowbird. Yes, in need of some sabbatical time for resting, dealing with some physical issues, clearing my mind, and opening towards some other writing, but I’ll post here, too, at times.

      Thank you for your hugs and know mine are coming to you as well. XO


  5. Kitty, such a lovely poem, thank you. Rest is good, and hopefully, the fall by you (weather wise) will allow your rest to be calm and productive. I appreciate how challenging it is to keep up with so much, but please do drop us a few words from time to time, and do check up on us … I may be writing less frequently myself, but will still be here and thinking of you. Take good care,
    As always, Jeanne


    1. Thank you, Jeanne. Yes, I’ll check in and share, certainly if not frequently. You take good care, too! Stay safe and well; it sounds like you’ve begun a wonderful journey into new adventures using your many gifts, and I hope you’ll be nourished and invited to create in ways that feed your spirit! XO

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