The Rare, Tiny Flower

Today, we’re celebrating the publication of The Rare, Tiny Flower!

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8 thoughts on “The Rare, Tiny Flower

  1. And today, I received the message from my local bookstore: the copy I reserved has arrived! I can’t wait to bring The Rare, Tiny Flower home… Congratulations!


  2. Oh, that’s so kind of you, Mary! I hope you enjoy it. The responses on Instagram have been so encouraging, and so many are raving about Quim’s amazing illustrations. It’s grand to have something to share and celebrate. Joy to you, Mary.


  3. Congratulations on this momentous day. I wish you great success with this book.
    I want to thank you for the sharing you do in the Daily Round. Lately it seems to arrive and be there just when I need it.
    I grew up in SE Wisconsin and sometimes it takes me back to the fields and woods that help me to figure out life. Sometimes your like mindedness with myself really helps me not feel alone.
    Whatever the feeling evoked it is always a welcome one. The treats are the best though.
    Thank you for the difference you make in my life.


    1. How very kind of you to share your response to my writing, Kerry. I’m touched to hear my words sometimes meet you where you are…that means so much to me.

      I appreciate your congratulations. It takes soooo long for words to actually appear in a book, and with the pandemic shipping delays, I thought this might never really happen, so we’re celebrating mightily. (This means a gluten-free brownie, new flavor of kombucha, and as much dancing as my knees will allow. Haha! Also, watching fireflies with the pups.)

      No, you’re not alone. I never thought this would be my life, but here it is, for now: in rural SE WI, with a pack of rescued dogs. 2 cats, and the love of my life. Trying to be grateful every day. So happy to have you travel a bit with me, Kerry.

      Gentle Peace to you!


  4. Oh my!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I hope it flies out and you make a fortune. Can’t wait for mine to arrive, and the next and next….Love and hugs to all. xxxx


    1. Ah, you’re so kind. Thank you! I hope you like it, dear one. It sounds like I better get going on all those next ones. ♥️ Joy to your week and love to all. XO


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