We, the People


Where I was two years ago.

Looking at the world today, it seems clear that choosing the co-creative and healing path feeds life; choosing to ignore these invitations, to live from one’s shadow and to deny what impedes our ability to connect and love, leads to destruction and death.

I’ve been encouraged by, and am grateful for, the many people who agreed with the choices and actions I suggested as paths we could follow during our time of isolation, and have used their pandemic years (!) to dig deeper, evolve, and create. We, the people, are the miracle the Earth needs; ours is the love that can save it.

Gentle Peace to the world and to your hearts. May our leaders listen; may they be wise, calm, co-creative, and constructive. May they think differently and lead us to peace.

May we heal.

May we heal.

May we heal.


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10 thoughts on “We, the People

  1. It took such an extreme, and a constriction of choices, to open our eyes. May the personal lessons of this period remain with us not only in memory, but in living thought and action. Thank you, Kitty, for being a voice of gentle, healing companionship that has accompanied us through it all.


    1. Oh yes, oh yes…it’s happening….I have invited other like minded individuals to join me in my quest to reimagine, to reconstruct, to build back better here in Mebane, N.C. I thank you Kitty for your wisdom and compassion. Your poem is a staple of our foundation for my homeschool. It encouraged me to apply for a Hershey Heartwarming Action project grant and we won. Albeit a small amount of seed money to further my dream to build a community homeschool campus, it is a product of the grace YOU told me you believed would help my dream be realized and it’s happening! Welcome to our tribe Kitty! Please look at the beauty of God my fellow Marquette alum…I continue in the spirit of Tikkun Olam…May God continue to bless and keep us all. http://Www.foralittlewhile.org praying that God will get my information in the hands of His servants to help me build His Kingdom Culture here on earth.


      1. I’m so happy for you, Kim, and impressed by your enthusiasm and gifts-in-action. WOW! Congratulations on receiving the grant, and hooray for working so very hard to realize big dreams for a better world. You inspire me. I am humbles and so very grateful for every bit of good news I encounter and this is magnificent. Ring out ahoya!

        Be safe and well. Gentle peace and continued holy energy to you, Kim! Thank you soooo much for the amazing update.


    2. Thank you, dear friend. You must know how much I value your gifts and reflections, too, and how they’ve lifted and sustained my spirit, and continue to do so. I love your phrase, “living thought and action.” Yes, the only way we give life to our gifts and converted hearts and spirits is through manifesting change in our communities! Bless you and be safe and well, Yacoob.

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  2. You’re right about that, Snowbird! It’s hard to believe it’s been two years. Glad you were such a lovely support and companion through it all! Love and hugs backatcha!


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