Love Became Our Country


And how did it end?

Suffering stormed the air and sorrow seiged our hearts.
For too long, fear had kept us broken and alone,
weakened by the variants of grief. Charlatans
and bullies, bloated men with indigent hearts,
hollow men who fed on greed and lies, stirred
the weak to anger, and then to oppress,
and then to destroy.

We hid and seemed tamed. Silent. 

But all the while, we were healing.
All the while, reaching through the dark,
dreaming ourselves to strength, planting
wild possibilities, creating, creating. 
Creating with fire, we blazed a trail 
back to fierce hope; we united.

And those who could not love
were consumed by its light,
shamed and forgotten,
fair justice from a world
too blessed for their curses,
too free for their fences,
too healed for their disease.

Love transforms when we choose its embrace.
We meet the world with our gifts or lose it.
We learned this and said Yes.
We will love.
End? There was no ending.
There never is with love…
Love is always a beginning.

IMG-8542 (2)

I am heartsick for the people of Ukraine. For the conscripted Russian youths. For the world.

I retain my fierce hope that love will win, and believe that, while peace may not return on this side of my life, it will return and flourish. I guard against hatred and wish instead that full awareness and empathy will permeate the hearts and minds of those who have inflicted such suffering. May they feel the pain they’ve created, understand its depths, realize the consequence of their choices, understand other choices were available, and seek forgiveness.

There are many charities and helpers listed on social media and online news sites. Here is where I’m donating today.

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6 thoughts on “Love Became Our Country

    1. You’re very welcome; thank you for your kindness. The hardest part for me is my impotence to affect change. I can send aid; I can petition my representatives; I can pray and watch and weep, but my inability to do anything to save these innocents from suffering is so painful. All I can do is live them through this; I think the whole world is doing this. Love wins. Always.


  1. I am heartbroken over this invasion/war as well, Kitty. And like you, I refuse to believe that anything other than love is the answer.
    This is so beautiful. I always hope that the loving energies of people who also believe will one day drown out the hate. Let our hope rise and join and heal.
    Thanks for this.


    1. Thank you, Jeanne; this is very kind of you.

      It is unbelievably painful; it is illuminating; it is emptying; it is a kind of torture to witness what this sick, sick man and his puppets are doing to fellow humans…I don’t know what else to do but join the rest of the world and love them through this.


  2. Yes, yes and yes! I too am heartbroken and hope and pray for this madness to end and suffering of people and animals on both sides to cease. Huge hugs and love to you all.xxxxx


  3. Yes, and plants, trees, insects…all life in the way of this madness. It makes me weep what horror he’s unleashed and I cannot fathom why he can’t be stopped. Bullies seem to surround themselves with cowards. Praying for peace and wisdom. I think the planet would benefit from greatly-reduced testosterone.

    Peace to your gentle heart. XO


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