The Rare, Tiny Flower: Bullies or Lovers?

To some it looked red,
to some it looked blue.

~ from: The Rare, Tiny Flower, (Tra Publishing); by Kitty O’Meara; illustrated by Quim Torres. (Pub. Date: April 26, 2022).

And so the world sees, once again and sadly, how a man with twisted emotional development and an unhealed psyche projects the madness stewing in his long-denied shadow upon the world.

My new book, The Rare, Tiny Flower, offers a verse for children that explores how our egoic needs to dominate, possess, and fashion the world in our own image will only lead to discord if we allow fear, sadness, and anger, to make these needs control our better natures. 

Others saw yellow,
but many saw green.
A more puzzling flower
had never been seen!

A number saw umber,
a small group saw teal.
“We see it correctly!
We see what is real!”

Each group insisted
its vision was right.
“Agree it’s magenta,
or we’ll start a fight!”

~ from: The Rare, Tiny Flower, (Tra Publishing); by Kitty O’Meara; illustrated by Quim Torres. (Pub. Date: April 26, 2022).

In other words, the story shows and reinforces for children (and, I hope for all of us) how behaviors like considering other points of view, offering each other respect, practicing kindness, listening before passing judgment, and welcoming the stranger makes for a better world.

These are not complex concepts, but as adults with advanced language and thinking skills, we create a million different ways to deny and bury their truth and instead rationalize, defend, promote, and force their antonyms upon one another. We surrender our child-like innocence and regress to our most profound needs: me-me-me and mine-mine-mine. Easier choice than maturity.

It’s mustard!
It’s purple!
It’s turquoise!
It’s pink!
It’s chartreuse!
It’s puce!
It’s whatever
we think!

It’s midnight!
It’s coral!
It’s violet-red!
It’s silver!
It’s orange!
You’re weak
in the head!

It’s sweet
It’s mango!
It’s white
as a snowflake!
You’re crazy!
You’re loonish!

~ from: The Rare, Tiny Flower, (Tra Publishing); by Kitty O’Meara; illustrated by Quim Torres. (Pub. Date: March 26, 2022).

Some of us explore our deepest hurts–and joys–and tend to our continual healing and growth through art, through feeding continual creativity, through self-forgiveness and forgiving others, and–mainly–through faithfully engaging and re-engaging in loving relationships. We try to mend and tend our lives and spirits as we confront our suffering and errors. We risk vulnerability for the rewards of authentic intimacy.

Others of us encrust our inner hurts with more and more grievance and self-pity, building layers and layers of justification for our dark and selfish choices, till we blindly act out, detonating our black pearls in the world. These people are called bullies and risk becoming monsters. Their egos have exceeded and destroyed their humanity and capacity to love. They are like the cyclopes who can only see what they need to see to maintain their false self-images, rather than the wider, real perspective in front of their eyes. What vocation is available for such people but that of a bully? 

Powerful leaders
arrived, striking poses.
“We will not agree!”
And noses met noses.

~ from: The Rare, Tiny Flower, (Tra Publishing); by Kitty O’Meara; illustrated by Quim Torres. (Pub. Date: April 26, 2022).

 It’s glaringly apparent how despot’s lives are barren of trusted and loving relationships. An authoritarian banishes himself from locating and resting in his heart, let alone admitting anyone or anything else within its shriveled confines. (I love how the Grinch’s heart shrinks and expands according to the love he denies or admits.)

And tragically, the call from a bully-monster’s unhealed shadow attracts others who also refuse, fear, or are too ignorant to explore and heal their own pain. Like attracts like. A monstrous actor with great power gives other bullies-in-training permission to go on poisoning their own unconscious, rather than confront, heal, re-create and choose different ways of being.

The only corrective is to love: to teach, learn, and practice love towards ourselves and others, recognizing that my unhealed pain is yours, and, ultimately, the Earth’s. 

Botanists came
to settle the score,
but couldn’t decide,
so the leaders cried,

~ from: The Rare, Tiny Flower, (Tra Publishing); by Kitty O’Meara; illustrated by Quim Torres. (Pub. Date: April 26, 2022).
~ from: The Rare, Tiny Flower, (Tra Publishing); by Kitty O’Meara; illustrated by Quim Torres. (Pub. Date: April 26, 2022).

And loving is hard. There’s a reason both love and courage have the same root and are linguistic siblings. Love demands that we confront and limit our desires, that we sacrifice on behalf of others’ welfare, that we transform, that we bare our hearts and spirits for others.

We are all potential bully-monsters or lovers: which behaviors will we choose, feed, and practice? I hope the gentle flower and the little girl in The Rare, Tiny Flower will encourage children to choose the path and actions fueled by love, and will reap all the gifts that choice offers them and the Earth.

The Rare, Tiny Flower can be pre-ordered here.

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6 thoughts on “The Rare, Tiny Flower: Bullies or Lovers?

  1. Kitty,
    Thank you again for your wise perspective and ability to speak of the unspeakable sorrow we feel as we watch harm come to people. Your words soothe my troubled soul. As an artist, the color names
    are each beautiful and are exquisite when
    arranged together, just like all of us!


    1. Thank you, Mary! I love the way you interpreted the arrangement of the colors’ names! How creative…just like an artist! I’m so grateful for Quim Torres’s imaginative and amazing illustrations.

      Yes, it is heartbreaking to watch, yet again, our innocent companions on Earth suffer. May peace come quickly and all be healed. Gentle Peace to you, Mary.


  2. Kitty, so beautifully said. And true. These latest actions in the world are frustrating, heartbreaking, frightening, and why? For all the reasons you said above. Yet what healing can come from a heart made of stone? I saw a photo this morning of so many people in Russia protesting the war. My heart went out to them, sending them hope and courage, because how brave are they to take that risk in a Communist country? I pray they are not punished and made examples of for speaking their hearts and minds.
    Thank you for your beautiful thoughts, as always.
    p.s. You should always include a link to where your book can be pre-ordered or ordered in your post – make it easy for people. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jeanne. I’m heartsick at the world allowing yet another bully to have his way.

      Thanks for the link tip. I hate to tell my readers where to purchase their books…and I know they’re bright enough to link to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., but you’re probably correct. It may be a more courteous thing to do. ♥️

      Gentle Peace to you, and to the world.


  3. You are indeed wise my friend and have great insight into the fragility of people. I just love this! Can’t wait to get my copy. Huge hugs and love.xxxxx


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