The Holiest Moment


It began, I suppose, at day’s end,
calming yourself before sleep,
reviewing the hours, sifting for
that shimmering moment when
breath and presence and senses
aligned, mirrors circling mirrors
startled your mind into encompassed
awareness, and you paused, irradiated,
ravished like a lover intimate with her own life.
That was it, you said; there was nothing like it
before or after, this was the day’s holiest moment,
and you strung the memory like a jeweled bead
beside the others you’d saved, and rewound the
necklace of chosen insights around your heart
(a miser counting so few coins), glittering and gone:

the burnished paint-spilled sunrise, the shivering
rescued puppy, its joy in finding safe harbor,
your beloved’s voice, eyes, touch, laughter,
the spider’s web, the intentional ant carrying
the articulated leaf, the porcelain bowl of ruby
berries glittering with juice, the kitchen aromas
of your next meal, the rising major chorale or
single minor violin, the whisper of lilac carried
on the rainwashed breeze, the mending embrace
after javelined words carried you too far into pain,
the flash of lightning, or of anger rightly piercing
lies, the unexpected kindness, the stranger’s smile,
the uprush of birdsong, and then finally one night,
old as you are, you see blessings like shining stars
everywhere, and every moment is a holy moment
known, lived, and released, so you set down the task
of sifting through and singling out and only breathe
into them, and you kneel, whispering, “grateful,
only let me be grateful, now and now and now…”

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5 thoughts on “The Holiest Moment

  1. And here I am now,
    My heart soothed and comforted
    By your words of truth and beauty
    Grateful for your giving
    Now, and now, and now
    I receive the peace of your holiest moment shared


  2. Thank you, Mary! What a touching and beautiful response. How kind of you to take such time to write this comment, and hooray for your creativity! It’s a great gift to hear my words offered you comfort; yours gave me joy.

    I hope you are well and safe. Gentle Peace to you.


  3. Oh goodness, such beautiful words and photos. Loved the rainbow and geese. This is how I felt when I spotted the first crocus growing by a stream and a white egret today. Huge love and hugs to you


    1. An egret and a crocus?! How lovely, Snowbird. Such treats await our willingness to see them, don’t they? Thank you for sharing these images with me. It will be a long time before I see a crocus…but we are seeing melting snow and its puddles this week, which is a nice change. 😎

      Joy to your week. XO


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    Bogdan Zarnoianu


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