Haiku in Winter

IMG-1101 (1)

night stretches sleepless–
owl counsels from snowy branch
what will worry change?


tending fallen bird–
healing life within your hands
you are the rescued


gray days string along–
memories of spring erupt
flowering in dreams

A lovely treat arrived in the mail, and just when I needed it: an early edition of my new book, The Rare, Tiny Flower, a lovely collaboration with the gifted illustrator, Quim Torres, and all my talented friends at Tra Publishing. What wonders can happen if we truly listen to others’ points of view? (Release date: March 22, 2022; available to order from your favorite bookstores now!)


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8 thoughts on “Haiku in Winter

  1. Thank you!

    I love haiku, too…it’s such a meditative practice, and there’s a bit of a language puzzle to it as well. And then the challenge to say something simply, with a twist…I like reading Basho and others as breath meditations; they’re so inspiring.

    Be safe and well, and thank you again for your kindness.


    1. Thank you, dear one. I’m in love with the saturated color in the book…just what my eyes crave this time of year.

      The sweet goldfinch was so Buddha-like in his utter sense of self and space. No shaking or quaking, just calmly allowing himself to be warmed until he was ready, steady, and centered again. What a love.

      Joy to your week.


  2. Love the haikus, especially the first. So true and in so few words. Congrats on your book – it looks just lovely, and so very “you.” I wish you every success with it.
    Did the little goldfinch make out OK?


  3. Thank you, Jeanne! The goldfinch was fine, just stunned and in need of warming and stillness. Yesterday, a chickadee banged into another window. Unusual. Also OK, after being held for a while.

    I’m so excited! Your cards just arrived and I received an e-mail, so sweet Phillip offered to brave the cold and hoke the 1/4-mile to fetch them. Can’t wait!!! XO


  4. That is odd, the birds flying into the window. Another person I follow, up in Washington State, described the same thing on her blog. We dare not think that something greater is going on than a few tired birds.
    Enjoy the cards, and thanks again for buying them. ❤️


  5. Re: the birds: I think it’s just the time of year/angle of light. So far, all have revived. 👍

    I LOVE the cards. All going out today to dear ones! Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too! 💕


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