On Healing

There are moments
for uprooting your aching
spirit and cradling it tenderly,
awaiting the uncoiling infant
greenness coming to probe
your waiting heart with new life.
Everything bears its scars,
but must choose to yield their grace.

Watch how the winter world goes
about its business. Be witness
to the frenzy of the feeding birds,
freezing wings beating through
the bluest winter sky. They suffer,
yet they soar. Note how the garden’s
ghosts bend beneath ice and snow,
harboring spring, how active death
can be, how deliberate its service to

And in the moonlight’s bright beams,
hear the coyotes make symphony of their
mystery and hunger. Be comforted, then,
in your healing. All the world transforms
through pain, laboring what answers
must be born, what sacrifices life requires
to create its owned and precious beauty.

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I want to share a friend’s offering, for anyone who may have and interest in creating films with their smartphones. It sounds like a creative, interesting class! https://www.eomega.org/online-workshops/smartphone-filmmaking-a-2-part-workshop/smartphone-filmmaking-2-part-workshop.

And another friend’s wonderful anthology, Navigating the Pandemic, since we still are. www.dandelionbook.com

Be safe and well, my dear friends.

9 thoughts on “On Healing

  1. I so appreciate your kindness, dear one; thank you. I had a physical setback this weekend and have been trying to write my way back to balance and hope. ♥️

    May you and your beloveds be well and safe!


  2. Such hopeful and comforting words. Trying to absorb them as my furnace runs practically non-stop in 9 degree weather. But it’s true. Even a run for the mail allows for crow calls, and sparrows searching the ground for food, the occasional bundled walker. Life isn’t about all the same temperature and sunny days. What would be the fun in that, after all?
    Stay safe and warm, my friend, and keep taking those fabulous photos!


    1. Oh, my, yes, this cold snap has been putting roses in our cheeks alright! Thank you, Jeanne. I always enjoy the life in your comments. You stay safe and warm, too!


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