New Year’s Eve


Hearts absent of hope, cheer, and light
struggle to find honest means of greeting
new days as we spin again around the sun.
What can such darkness offer?

What is true of now?
That there is more to mourn
than welcome in joy? More to fear
than can be courageously met?
That bodies besieged by virus
cannot overcome its cresting waves?
That spirits beaten by flood, wind, and fire,
that have pushed past endurance
against the endless emanation of hate,
cannot rise?

And yet the turning brings us to a new place.
We must be new to meet it.

The child brings us each a mirror that we may hold
in peaceful and fierce inquisition (hope deserves no less),
searching our weary hearts for memories, for music,
for paths we have forgotten, or never known
(yet there they have waited, patient centuries of gestation),
gifts long unused, or never opened,
words unspoken, hurts unhealed, there in the shadows.
Finally, finally, in this darkness,
let us see the seed that grows;
let our light be fully born.
Let us welcome its presence,
excavate its strata of meaning,
listen to its wisdom,
translate why we’re here into what we do,
know the substance of who
we are,

then turn the mirrors out to the sun, to the stars
where dreams dwell, and slant the radiance back, to
burn away the false in our hearts and spirits,
and let our hope rise and overflow, recoloring the world
till we speak new words, the language of mystery and
Love, finding its way through all creation
as it was meant to do since the world’s beginning.

We must only be who we were made to be,
art in communion,
gift to each other,
frail, flawed, and favored with abundant life
and another chance to welcome its embrace
in gratitude and grace.

Then let us gently hold the hands
of lover and stranger, one to another,
and take our first steps into the finally born
and perfect real.


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16 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Kitty, your words sunk into my heart. It is so hard in the dark time of the year to remember the light, but for some reason, this year, my heart is full of light and hopeful. It has been such a difficult year for me, in more ways than I can dare express in my blog. Yet, as I let go of more and more, I am lighter in body and spirit. Something is afoot, my dear friend, a light ready to shine more brightly than we can imagine, “gratitude and grace” indeed. A new year’s worth of blessings on you, Kitty, full of healing and joy and hope.

    1. Isn’t it true that if we struggle through heartbreaking, brambly, and too-challenging periods in our lives, we can arrive at these spaces of light? Certainly, I think it has to do with our willingness to be awake, to suspend labels, to grant ourselves the self-care we’re able, and to sift and sift…but it gladdens my heart considerably that in the letting go, you’ve found yourself light-filled and hopeful, Lynn. And I trust and agree with your sense that “something’s afoot” regarding a shining shift; I only hope enough of us will get out of its way and support its coming. Now is the acceptable time.

      I can’t wait to hear the new songs you’ll create. Peace and joy, dear one. xoxo

  2. Every new years’s eve is an opportunity for asking to ourselves what is the meaning of life… and, in particular, what is the meaning of our life.
    Questions that will remain perhaps without a clear answer but that can help in the understanding of ourself!

    Happy new year Ketty!

    1. And to you, Enzo! Joy in the questions and light in the answers, my friend. Thank you for the kindness of your visits and illumination, and gentle peace to you and your beloveds.

  3. Kitty, what wonderful and deeply hopeful words, so fervently asking us to dig within ourselves and rise. Here’s hoping so many more do and make this world a kinder place for ourselves and each other. Just wonderfully written. Thank you and here’s to a great year ahead.
    Jeanne ❤️❤️😘

  4. Thank you, Jeanne. I always appreciate your visits and kindness. I hope your new year will be bright. Really looking forward to your book being published! Joy to you. XO

  5. Thank you, Kitty, for this beautiful poem. May your wishes and entreating reach more ears than ever on this planet so we can all connect and share and love more in the New Year. A very happy 2022 to you – all the best,

    1. Thank you, Snowbird. That little seedling was a sweet surprise, my favorite thing about walking on the trail. Can’t wait to get back to it.

      Love to you and your dear ones. Be well and safe! Xoxo

    1. Uncertain, but knowing our trail, it’s probably garlic mustard! It comes early, invades further, spreads like mad, and is indestructible. One day (soon) I hope a botanist discovers a wonder drug in it! 😌

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