Far in the distance
We heard a sound
One man descending
A con man a clown.

Crowds began shouting
Rallying cries
Rampant vacuity
Met with our sighs.

Lies on the airwaves
Lies everywhere
We in denial
We unaware.

We with our doing
Glued to our phones
Anxiously hiding
The truth in our bones.

We were dismissive
We were too strong
We were intelligent
And we were wrong.

Lost in diversions
Viral hate grew
Met with denial
What could we do?

This wasn’t possible
Not now not here
We were too civilized
Answers were clear.

Turning on dimes
Decent ones fell
Selling democracy
Power for hell.

Those who resisted
Threatened and cursed
Fear kept us silent
More lies dispersed.

Losing our votes,
Losing our choice
Losing our country
Losing our voice.

Boots in the courthouse
Boots in the press
Boots on the altar
Boots in excess.

Boots led by loathing
Boots led by need
Boots led by ignorance
Boots led by greed.

Boots against masking
Boots against order
Boots against kindness
Boots at the border.

Boots against reason
Boots against fact
Boots against neighbor
Boots to distract.

Boots in the capital
Boots in the hall
We unbelieving
Watching truth fall..

Boots on the angry
Boots in the town
Boots on the billionaires
Boots all around.

Boots at the school board
Boots at the door
Could have done something
Should have done more.

Now we can hear them
Shouting their hate
Now we touch evil
Now it’s too late.

Boots marching over us
Boots marching on
Boots in the future
Boots when we’re gone.

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Dear Ones,

Please know that I am not without hope for our lives and the Earth, and in no darker place than anyone aware and sentient enough to realize we are on the tipping point. We’re not approaching it, sensing it in the distance, agreeing it will come some day, but precariously perched upon its slippery surface and swaying in the winds of our choices and actions. Artist, teacher, spiritual care worker–my life’s work has been to speak the truth in love. I fail all the time: I am impatient with procrastination and those who sit back instead of speaking up or lending a hand to the Good Cause. My tongue is often sharper than my wits. But denial is not helpful; living in a fantastical mirage may be comforting, but it does not serve the Earth, the helpless, or those too young to midwife the changes necessary for a just and peaceful existence. See what is, name it, encounter it in love, disarm its pain and suffering, heal what can be healed. This poem is an attempt to call out the dangers of looking away, of “thoughts and prayers” absent of action, and–truly–of surrendering our hope by refusing to engage with our gifts. For me, the photo means we can choose up or down, but we can’t put it off. Be safe and well. Be comforted by the beauty of the season. Speak out, in love.

10 thoughts on “Boots

  1. Oh dear Kitty, this is so spot on! It’s so hard not to lose faith. And I too find myself spewing sharp words at times. Thank you for your wise words.


    1. You are very welcome, and I so hope you’ll retain your faith. The truth is that there are many people working tirelessly to counter this growing evil in the world, but everyone has to help however they can. No time to be complacent. Be safe and well, and gentle peace to you.


  2. Boy, you really nailed it with this one, Kitty, I could hear the boots, marching in lock step. Our elections approach in my state and running for our county we have someone who organized a bus to attend the Jan. 6th Capitol protest/riots, and someone for local office who is a QAnon anti-vaxxer. Frightening. But we can spread the word … and so we do.
    Keep that sharp tongue – and pen – going! BTW, shared this post with a friend who loved it – “so spot on!” she said.


  3. Yikes, Jeanne, those are some scary choices on the ballot. Our next election isn’t till April; God only knows what’s coming down the pike. What can we do but try to be ready? And keep our hearts open, tongues sharp, and aim true. 🙂 Gentle peace to your week, my artist friend. xoxo


  4. I agree…time to use all of our gifts to reinforce we’re only here to notice the miracles all around us snd discover ways to better love each one. 💕


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