Litany for Now


It’s been a kind of wavy week at Full Moon Cottage, by which I mean the days became surreal midweek, when I received both my flu shot and third vaccine. For the next 48 hours, I was in and out of sleep, dropping days like I dropped stitches when I tried to learn how to knit. The weather’s shifting dramas contributed to the strobe-like effects of reality. Sunny, warm, rainy, chilly. Every time I opened my eyes, the light and temperature had changed from my last visit to the conscious world. And then, just as quickly, this morning I woke as myself, my body, mind, and spirit fully inhabited by me. And with all the aches, fevers, and chills firmly residing in the past tense

I am grateful for the shots and for two days of sleep.


So today’s cloudy, gray, chilly and still presence has been wonderful, and I have big plans for this weekend: weeding and cutting back the gardens and planting bulbs. Because of our long stretch of warm weather this autumn, we’ve enjoyed long blooms, re-blooms, and the blooms of perennials that sometimes don’t happen due to early frost.

I am grateful for the color and blossoms.

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The past few weeks have also treated us to more rain than we received since early June. The trees, gardens, birds, and other wildlife have benefited immeasurably. The river has risen considerably, and the aridity that we felt in our spirits has also felt quenched. The rain’s music, beating on the roof and deck, sweeping across the yard in windy curtains of silver light, was a glorious treat. It felt like that Ray Bradbury story, “All Summer in a Day,” but of course, in reverse. (And no one was locked in a closet.) Climate change has made us sorely miss what we once took for granted. The rain was other-worldly after such a long absence. Pure gift.

I am grateful for the rain and rising river.

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I was able to harvest a lot of my herbs last week for drying and freezing, and they may even yield another batch. It feels so comforting to have the freezer and pantry filled with my favorite seasonings to last till next summer. And just holding the sage and thyme made me excited for the holidays.

I am grateful for garden blessings that feed and delight us throughout the year.


While I was otherwise-engaged with unconsciousness and discomfort this week, Phillip set up grow lights for my houseplants, which had to be brought indoors from their summer paradise on the back deck. He also made meals, did the laundry, cared for the 4-leggeds, and so much more. He always does a lot for us; this week, he did it all. His own recovery was speedy and bouncy compared to mine. The 4-leggeds comforted me with kisses and snuggling, as they were able.

I am beyond grateful for Phillip and our 4-leggeds. And, of course, I’m grateful for houseplants beneath pink grow lights.

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Friends sent messages, shared photos and notes, and kept in touch…as they always do.

I am deeply grateful for my amazing friends.


And, my fearless, gifted collaborators at Tra Publishing and I are sending the book, The Rare, Tiny Flower off to the printer imminently, for a late-March release. I love the illustrations by Quim Torres.

I am grateful for the chance to make dreams come true with these stunningly creative people.


The world is not as I wish it were. I do not understand much of what it has become. The fear, anger, and intolerance that daily parade through the news are shocking; the sheer cruelties and violence spewed and rocketing around our world are abhorrent and dispiriting. But they are not all the news or even most of it. Everyone I know (and don’t) could likely fill pages with the gratitude they’ve gathered in one day, let alone weeks. Please, keep gathering and sharing your gratitudes. They keep us tender, loving, and hopeful, and those are medicines the world needs now, more than ever. The virus of hate cannot survive them.

I am grateful for each of you.

Be well and safe.


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4 thoughts on “Litany for Now

  1. All of this writing and the lovely pictures
    Filled me with hope after a gruelling 18 months
    Of serious covid, moving house and the death of my sister.
    Thank you so much – I would love to read more.


    1. Oh, my dear Pollyanna, thank you so much for visiting and sharing such a kind comment. I am so sorry for the great loss of your sister and the struggles you have suffered during this harsh time of Covid. I am honored that your visit here brought some comfort…there are many years of posts to read, scrolling down, if you have time and interest. I welcome your return and hold your gentle peace and joy in my heart.


  2. So glad to hear you have recovered from your third shot, I’ve had a horrendous cold this last week so can completely empathise. How wonderful that you are getting all that rain, what a joy it is to see those photos of it hammering down and the river swelling. You just can’t beat the sound of rain, H and I sat on little chairs todays by the open kitchen door watching it lash down. Such simple pleasures are unforgettable. Oh my….those HERBS, I swear I can smell them from here.

    God bless Philip, what a guy! And… god bless your adorable four-legged friends.
    YAY!!! Another fantastic book coming out, I’ll be buying it. Congratulations!!! Here’s to one a year being published. Huge love and hugs to all. xxxx


    1. Thank you for your sweet congratulations. I can imagine you and H. watching the rain together: as you say, unforgettable! It makes me so happy knowing you’re so happy. Now, please heal completely from that horrible cold. 💐


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