There are those who choose to live parenthetically,
their lives bound by the known, protected and
unsurprised, and those who ride adjectives’ hills
and valleys and never stop, unlike those who live
as periods, going nowhere, in love with endings. My
great-aunt was all exclamation points and her husband
all ellipses, responding with desultory silence to her
tireless alarms. Adverb people are helpful but without
the moral clarity of verbfolk, all action, except for the
family branch that just is. Most, I suppose, are nouns,
being things, taking up space, using commas to add
things and more things for accrual’s sake, and needing
prepositions to store things in, throughout, during, and
despite. I love the question marks, their ever-tumbling
need to know always unsated, and then, of course, society
is phrases and paragraphs, and history is books, volumes,
but I would say I’m some part–the ink, I think–of an always
incomplete sentence, a ragtag bundle of words forever open
to new companions and the mystery of everything, the miracles
everywhere, lacking most specifically the wisdom of proper
punctuation, but then again miracles can’t be put into words
or held by language and I am newly-acquainted with miracles
every day, because I know where they hide and it’s always here
in plain view, making me wonder if maybe tomorrow


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8 thoughts on “Observations

    1. Thank you, Tracy! It’s been interesting to read my friends’ responses on Facebook…how they identify with elements of language, or can’t decide, or enjoy pondering. I appreciate your kindness, hope you’re safe and well, and can’t wait for your own next illuminating post. 🙂 Gentle Peace to you.


  1. When your posts come, it always lifts my spirit, but this one prompted me to write my thanks from a beautiful fall day.


  2. Well, how lovely! And I’m so happy your day has been beautiful. Ours has been a moody rainy day, and we are so grateful for the rain that we’ve been singing and dancing in it with the 4-legged!

    Gentle peace, and thank you so much.


  3. Kitty, this is just brilliant. And the photo spectacular. When you stop to think about it, there are not nearly enough question marks around. And not enough exclamation points of the not-panicked sort.
    I hope to be made partly of those, and commas, and a godo old … too. (But I’m still thankful for emojis LOL 😀 )


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