Soaring Possibilities

a poem for our inner fledglings

IMG-9423 (1)

In the end
there is no end,
there’s just another choice,
and some turn back
and some trudge on,
but others search
for soaring possibilities.

Back and forth,
the road’s the same–
predictable and known,
but in some hearts
new wings emerge
and thoughts take flight
in soaring possibilities.

Silence helps,
and emptying,
and letting go of should:
think upside down
and inside out,
release into
the soaring possibilities.

Many paths
through mystery,
a welcoming of gifts–
and all may join
and all create
and midwife life
through soaring possibilities.

In the end
there is no end,
there’s just another choice.
Can we be brave,
can we forgive,
can we embrace,
and holding hands,
and trusting hope,
can we choose love
and leap into
our soaring possibilities?

Birds change

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12 thoughts on “Soaring Possibilities

  1. ‘Soaring Possibilities’ touched my heart, as it will for many other readers! Thank you, Kitty. I have walked alone these pandemic years. Yes, it regenerates the soul and our thoughts. Sitting by a pond or lake and watching the Canadian Geese or other creatures is a time of deep reflection. May “new wings emerge” for all. Bless you!


    1. I’m sending my love to you and hope your aloneness during this time has offered you more of the solace of solitude than the pain of loneliness. I’m so sorry for any hurt you have suffered, any feelings and thoughts you wished to share and couldn’t, and I’m in deep agreement with you that nature heals us as thoroughly as we allow. Bless you; be safe and well, and gentle peace to you, and thank you for your kindness to me. Holding you in my heart. Xoxo


    1. Thank you, Jeanne. Sure wish we could make new and collaborative choices…we seem to have a proclivity and fondness for digging ruts.

      Hooray for artists, listeners, dreamers, and innovators who use their gifts to show us better options. 💕

      Be safe and well, and gentle peace to your week. (And great, happy reading!) xoxoxo K


  2. In a week when I am feeling so overwhelmed with sadness and grief, even a little hopeless, your words touch my heart. Thank you for being just what I needed today.


    1. Oh, my dear, how lovely to read the Spirit moved through my words and offered you comfort. How kind of you to share this. I send you great love.

      For many reasons, these are painfully challenging times. This poem did not please me by a long shot, but I was feeling very low from the news of the world and prayed my way to a clearer view by writing it. I’m glad something of the energy of my own heart’s movement was shared, despite what my ego felt was a clumsy effort…always a fledgling. 😉

      Gentle Peace to you and to your beloveds. Take care. Sending a hug. Be well.


      1. Kitty — this was meant to be that you shared this amazing poem (and rainbow picture)! It will help others — to keep going, pressing onward…. Any way for you to publish this to a larger audience? Carol.


        1. Thank you so much, Carol! I appreciate your kindness and encouragement. I’d love to gather some poems in book form one day, but for now, I share most on social media, as well as here, so I hope they connect with readers like you, and offer some comfort, or challenge, or inspiration…and so I truly welcome the interactions shared here. They remind me that the Spirit behind the words, their Source, is moving them where they need to be in the world. 💕

          Be safe and well. Thank you, again, and gentle peace to you. Xoxo


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