Happy July!


We’re kicking off our holiday weekend with a meal from our local Chinese restaurant, because why not? I love celebrating my country’s beautiful diversity! In fact, I think there’s much to celebrate this 4th of July: vaccinations, rain, gardens that yield food and flowers, a resurgence of bees buzzing everywhere, public servants fighting for our human rights, voting rights, the Earth’s rights, and the justice that is integral to democracy. Support them, and remain engaged. Happy July! May it be a month that lightens your heart and offers you merry days. Our first guest in over 18 months is visiting next week: Joyful, joyful! We were made for these times: let’s meet them with July-powered hope.

I’m off to start the celebrations!

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8 thoughts on “Happy July!

  1. Thank you! How kind of you. Do you ever find yourself looking forward to spring this time of year? I love now through Christmas, but by the end of January, it can get a bit bleak…is it like that for you?

    Hope July will be bright for you this year. 💕. Gentle Peace, Kitty


  2. Happy July to you, too, Kitty! Such beautiful flowers! The deer have chewed off the tops of any day lilies they could find out my way, and now are consuming everyone’s hostas! The price you pay for the enjoyment of these beautiful animals, and so it is.
    And yes, here’s to a wonderful month for each and every reason you gave. We have a great deal to be thankful for. Enjoy your guest! Cheers! Jeanne


    1. Thanks, Jeanne! Yes, many other animal visitors to our gardens, too. Just the way of it; not too much damage., though the chipmunks could burrow less…(!) I try negotiating with them, but they’re hard nuts to crack.

      Blessings and joy to your July! 💛


  3. Hard nuts to crack. Very funny. And yes, other animals. This morning I found a boatload of soil dug out from a planter at my front door and strewn all over the porch. It’s a window box on a low bench, easy for any animal to reach, but I suspect one of the new batch of young squirrels, so cute with their still-thin tails, and exploring everywhere.
    You, too.
    Ta! 🐿 (a chipmunk for you!)


  4. They are too cute! Although, they were doing a great deal of damage to my indoor plants set out for the summer. Last year they whacked about 5-years’ growth off my favorite jade plant. So this year, I discovered a new and safe deterrent: plastic forks stuck into the pots with the tines poking up. When they dug up a few lily bulbs in the garden, I did the same and added a few red pepper flakes. Problems solved, and they’re back to feasting on birdseed I set out for them. 🙂


  5. Thank you, dear one! The garden has been wonderful this year. We were worried with such little rain, but the mulch has really helped.
    I do love Asian food of all kinds. It’s the vegetables, I think. Yum!
    Yes, I’m having so much fun preparing for a guest again; what an honor and treat!
    Joy to your week. xxxx


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