A Generous Liberty

IMG-1833 (1)

A morning walk beneath the spattered light
and shadow of sun-splashed leaves swaying
and dancing, brushed by breezes rushing
through the deepening woods. Sweet waves
of green ebb and flow. The birds sing me on,
skittering, and chipmunks chittering; fluttering
butterflies and whirring-winged dragonflies dart
across my path, and through the trees, columns
of infant corn are evenly rising in farmers’ fields.

I rest on an ancient bench, the pew in my green
chapel where worry spills and all the anxious fears
release. It opens you wide, the world’s wild beauty;
it bares your soul to all others, each thing here and
utterly significant, freely itself, entitled to its time and
place and way of being. There is a generous liberty
evident in nature, and I do not miss the world of men
where, in halls of power, those who’ve sworn oaths
to freedom say they must debate to whom it’s owed.


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4 thoughts on “A Generous Liberty

  1. Your words came alive here while describing nature! I too don’t miss the world of men
    where, in halls of power, those who’ve sworn oaths to freedom say they must debate to whom it’s owed.
    Wow, amazing poem!xxxx


  2. Thank you, dear one; I know we’re kindred spirits when it comes to our love of everything nature is and offers, so it feels especially pleasing when you enjoy poems like this. ♥️

    Happy new week to you!


  3. Kitty, you are truly a gifted poet. So true, when we can immerse ourself in the natural world, and leave all the nonsense behind, we can feel the enormity of the universe and the petty has no place. I used to find that on the occasions I could sit by the ocean with very few people around, offseason. There is such peace in the wildness.


  4. Ah, Jeanne, thank you. I’m so blessed by the kindred hearts I’ve met through these posts, whose love of the natural world equals my own! What a merry coterie we are, all long and faithful lovers of the Earth!

    Hope your week is blessed with blissful nature-time. Be safe and well, dear one.


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