Two trains leave the station:

one is what is, and the other,
what might have been. I’d long
traveled on each, missing stops
at different times and speeds;
the problem I couldn’t solve was
how to ride both, at once, as one.
This is why, when your eyes kissed
my smile across the station and
we left to walk down the green
waving trail between the tracks,
I knew I’d found the life I always
wanted: you beside me, rescuing
old dreams and making them real,
learning what wonder may come
from adding trust and subtracting
doubt from life’s equation. If-only
and regret faded; life became a slow
shared surprise of multiplied grace
derived from the division of two
into one, a conversion conceivable if
x equals love. What might have been,
and what is, became infinite; we live
our timeless days, and rest beneath
the shy approving quiet stars, listening
to train horns calling, lonely in the misted
distance, lulling troubled travelers still
longing for the irrational and necessary
convergence of yearning and acceptance,
wishes and substance, the blessed junction
and undeserved gift, a love that will solve
the problem of two trains at the next station.

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12 thoughts on “Two trains leave the station:

  1. It sounds as if there may be an anniversary in the wind? Stunning words and images touching my heart as yours always do. How lucky those two people are!


  2. So good of you to write, Terry! Thank you for your kindness.
    It is a love poem to my Phillip; not an anniversary poem, really (July 27), but more because the last year(s) have filled me to overflowing, at times, with deep appreciation for his presence in my life. I stand back and view the changes and stressors in our world, near and far, and I am so grateful he’s beside me.
    I hope all is going well for you and your beloveds, too. How is Miss Babe?! 💕 xxxxx


  3. I too long to travel on the two trains in my life seeking the God of life and the life of God.
    Hopefully, we shall all arrive at the station and our eyes will kiss again. Thanks Kitty.


    1. How beautiful, Frank! I love your words. Thank you so much for sharing; it’s kind of you, and so appreciated. Joy to you, and gentle peace.


    1. Thank you, Yacoob; I hope it will, yes. It is good to be blessed with such a love. It is everything, as you know. Joy and gentle peace to you, my friend, and thank you for your constant kindness.

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  4. Kitty, on the one hand, I feel like I should say, “Happy Anniversary.” On the other, just appreciate how very lovely this poem is. Truly lovely.
    I’ve been thinking of you, and as I began to re-read a book from my “Keep-Always’ bookcase, I thought of how much you would love this, too. Have you read “The Mermaid Chair” by Sue Monk Kidd? If for nothing else, you would enjoy it for her exquisite use of language. 😊


  5. Ah! I did read it several years ago; maybe it’s time for rereading it! Thanks for the reminder. Loved all of her books that I’ve read, and agree: her writing is exquisite.

    Thank you for your kindness, Jeanne. It makes me happy to hear you enjoyed this poem. 💛 Joy to your week’s end!


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