Once, In Your Lifetime


Turn from the schedule, the list,
the must do, the should, the fretted
checking of calendars and clocks,
and come to the garden, only come
and drink its colors, taste its secrets,
breathe its music, hear its love greeting
the green and rising there, and bidding
farewell just here; all one, the buzz and
tickle of birth and death, the splashes and
scents, everything in rhythms and choirs
of joy unique; once, in your lifetime, let go
of your careful lines, how you draw them
around your hours and days, be still and
caressed by everything coming and going
this moment in the garden, and the next, it’s
new again, dancing in light like your life, if you
allow it to open wide, and follow its song to the
gardens within you, the sacred fullness of now.


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6 thoughts on “Once, In Your Lifetime

  1. One of the joys of childhood that’s stripped away as we become responsible, working adults, unfortunately. I always felt deprived of enjoying that time outside when work would, rightfully, take priority – especially on beautiful days.

    But there’s nothing to stop the taking in of just small doses – especially in a work from home situation.

    Thank you for the reminder…I’ll need to prioritise daily walks again 🙂


  2. I always tried to walk on lunch breaks, yes! Public gardens, hospital gardens, park space, river walks…at some of the schools where I worked, we created year-long vegetable and flower gardens, planting in spring, tending weekly, and celebrating with a harvest meal in autumn.

    It was harder when I worked in city offices but, luckily for me, those were in Milwaukee and it’s on a Great Lake, with a lot of parks.

    You are so good about tending your spirit, Yacoob, and reminding me that such spaces are not always available for others as readily as they have been for me. Here’s to finding ways to create such spaces for our own and others’ peace and deepening. 💛

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  3. Mmmm … if I had that garden, I would throw my lists away and run to it with open arms! Lovely poem, sentiments, and photos of your garden. I’d love to sit out there with some iced coffee and breathe deep. Although I have no place for such a garden, I, early this morning, venture out before it got too hot, and bought a bunch of flowers to pot and grace my porches. It’s looking wonderful, Kitty. 🌸🌺🌼


    1. Your porch garden sounds as lovely as can be: refreshing and colorful and a perfect place to relax and breathe! Thank you for your kindness in visiting and sharing such lovely comments. It’s always such a treat to read your thoughts, Jeanne. Thank you! Joy to your weekend. xxxxx


  4. With every word I swear I could smell your delightful garden….those pictures upped the game. You have a haven for sure, in more ways than one. Brilliant writing as always. Love and hugs to one and all.xxxx


    1. Thank you, Snowbird; wouldn’t it be grand to visit each other’s gardens and sit a spell?! This has been a gorgeous spring in the garden. Now, to keep things going during the current heat wave. Oh, for a bit of rain! Gardeners and the weather; it never ends. Hope your week is wonderful! xxxxx


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