You Will Rise


They’ll let you down, people,
the small people acting
from pain and from sadness,
and fears they can’t name.
Broken, they break you,
and hurting, they hurt you,
and turn from the damages,
smiling, relieved.
But you, golden one, you
will rise and leave baskets
of love at their windows,
and seek what you need.
The welcoming world
is waiting to teach you
to travel the circle,
to plant and become.
So rest, deeply nourished
by all the world’s beauty
and breathe in her infinite
joy, golden one.
One day you’ll be flying
and healing the broken
with baskets of love,
you will rise; you will soar.


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16 thoughts on “You Will Rise

    1. How kind of you to take the time to comment; thank you, my friend. I’m glad to hear you felt comforted by these words, and send you gentle peace. Joy to your week! ~ Kitty


  1. Thank you so much, my friend; the weather has been glorious for photos now that it’s cool again. I’m glad you liked these. Joy to your week’s end, Ms. Snowbird. 🙂 xxxx


  2. Woke up in the middle of the night
    With a load on my mind
    You called me “golden one”
    And offered me wings to fly and soar
    Now my heart is full of flowers
    Never to be hurt again


    1. Sweet Shiva, your comments are always so buoyant and bright: Yes, you are golden, and I hope that life will never dim your light. It shines across the world, and I’m grateful. Stay well and safe, and gentle peace to your spirit. xoxoxo


  3. This is so lovely, Kitty, and just what I needed as I trek off to my second vaccine. Love the bird pictures, and the bleeding hearts bring me back to my childhood and my Dad’s carefully tended backyard garden. It’s not been a great year for soaring, but our wings were never clipped by a virus. Though the dreams sometime wavered, flight was still not far from our minds. Thank you for being the shining light that you are.


    1. Good luck with your second vaccine, Jeanne! Hooray! I appreciate your visits and thoughtful, beautiful comments so much, and am glad the poem and photos lifted up some happy memories. Thank you, too, for your light in the world; it matters so very much!


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