Peace at the Center


How is it with your spirit? 

That’s the way I often begin conversations with my patients, spiritual direction guests, and myself, as I begin another day. It’s a good question to ask before sleep as well. If we can’t name what we’re feeling, seeking, and need, to proceed with equanimity, then we have work to do. We need to ask loving, honest questions that will help us identify what’s impeding our peace. The pursuit of these names changes everything. When the unknown and unresolved is named, we can meet it and allow space for its voice to be heard. Everything the world needs begins with befriending ourselves as deeply as the Love that called us here.

And I suppose the question, “How is it with your spirit?” is also connected to my passion for any practice that takes me deep within silence, and why everyone I counsel has been invited to do the same. Repeatedly. Our spirits get knocked out of alignment so easily in the world. We bury ourselves, over and over and need resurrecting to live authentically.


Our Easters happen when we make time for those activities that take us into our spirits so deeply that time stops, the world falls away, and there is only the intimacy of self and passion. True renewal. It’s like watering a plant…and if you look around the world, the garden is sadly wilted.

Photography, gardening, writing, walking, centering prayer…I have developed so many ways to get to my center over the years that I hope all the practice helps me live from it, more and more. After all, it’s our genuine home, the place where we meet ourselves and our image of the Sacred (whatever that is for us), to enlarge the Love that binds us and feeds our lives and those with whom we share it.


I hold the memory of my beloved, late spiritual director in my heart. He’d often come to the hospital where I worked inhumane hours, just to offer me the time and space to listen myself to my center. We’d meet in the hospital chapel–reliably empty in a place where everyone moved too quickly, doing too much–and I’d always find him sitting so deeply in his prayer-filled center that he gave off light. It healed me before I even joined him, before words gradually became part of our conversation. Now, as I approach (too quickly) his wise old age in those long ago days, I understand the urge to take any time available to breathe, “head to my center,” and hang out with Love.

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As the world picks up energy, turns outward once again, and engages beyond lit screens, texts, and messages, I hope we’ll retain some of the gifts that greater stillness and times of silence have given us. Many of us have made life-altering connections during this time of pandemic. We’ve forged relationships and uncovered gifts that will need tending to stay alive, just as our spirits do. I hope we won’t, as a species, return to mindless rushing and acquisition; such former habits will not meet the needs of our spirits or the present world. 

The “way things were” has been a fallow field for over a year, while we’ve been tightly bound and changing;  as we are loosened and part from the circles that have given us solace, insight, and community, I hope we turn to new fertility in the world and see continued possibility for healing and co-creating. Asking ourselves and beloveds, “How is it with your spirit?” and taking time to listen for the heart’s answers, can help light the path before us.


Be well and safe, and great gentle peace.

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8 thoughts on “Peace at the Center

  1. Thanks for that Kitty, it means a lot to me today, and I copied it into my “keeper file” However I did add only one word to better identify the word spirit (to me) by adding the word “inner”. Inner spirit would give it a much more distinct meaning to me, while others may draw their own singular meaning. I find my inner spirit with my dog, the birds, a walk, meditation, or thinking about my friends family and others. So many ways it is impossible to list them all. I even connected with my inner spirit by reading your post.


  2. I’m so glad you found a way to connect with my words that made them sing for you, Sam! It sounds like you’re committed to remaining in touch with your inner spirit and find it reflected in the life and world around you. How beautiful.

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights, and great, deep joy to your day. And a smooch to your dog! Gentle peace, Kitty


  3. Yes, we need to find that time to breathe and it’s different for everyone, that’s for sure. I learned that if I didn’t choose to find those moments throughout my day, I’d pay for it, though, so I’ve gotten waaaaaay better over the years. Retirement has certainly made a difference, but we can still choose to fill our hours rather exuberantly with “things to do,” a good reminder to look at the need to do this in the first place. Sometimes, it’s hard to see time for the self as having value, compared to completing tasks.

    Thanks for visiting, Laura, and joy in your breaks and the time before and after them, too. 🙂 Gentle Peace to you; be safe and well.


  4. You have wonderful insight to Hitting the Nail on it’s Head! I am so thankful for your posts and your comments — like ‘take time for self’ and ‘choose moments throughout the day’. I am learning, slowly at my age. Now to share this with my daughters and close friends, too. We all need to be reminded, and to treat ourselves with kindness and humility.


    1. Oh, Carol, how kind of you to take time to share; it’s much appreciated. I agree: self-care is an ongoing journey, and we all need to remind ourselves and those we love to offer it to ourselves. What a great Mom you are to encourage your daughters to do this, and to set the deepening example of a woman who keeps at it. Just a treat to read. You are a gift, Carol.
      Stay safe and well, and gentle peace to you!


  5. Such a beautiful post and pictures. Yes, we need to remember this time of plague and connect more with ourselves, our planet and family and friends and live life a little more slowly. I’ll never forget how quiet it was when the cars were off the road and wildlife moved into previously human territories. You are very wise my friend, and it’s always such a pleasure to read your post. Thank goodness for that!!!! love and hugs to you all.xxxx


  6. Thank you, Snowbird. We liked the absence of traffic sounds, too. I did just read an article about a lot of people preferring to work from home. I hope those for whom that’s a possibility will be able to do it. Much better for them, and cuts down on some of the traffic, etc.

    I’m encouraged by people making changes in small ways that can multiply. Many good things happening in our world. 💛

    Peace to your week! Xoxo


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