The One We Are Becoming

Let me fall if I must. The one I will become will catch me. ~ Baal Shem Tov

The rain falling from the cloud, caught by–and becoming–
the thirsting tree,
the shining drops falling from leaves
to the opening earth,
the sunlight falling, caught by hungry life;
everything is falling into what it will become.

Once, I moved in the world as though
I knew my way, as though
I had a map and a name for my becoming; I didn’t.
I pedaled through the air of my life wildly, panicked
and struggling to feel the ground beneath me.
I couldn’t land, too fearful of meeting my imagined life,
of believing the woman who held my spirit
would be there to catch me.

If only I had seen that we’re all falling,
as long as it takes, till we meet the garden
where all our seeds have been planted, the room
of our dreams, the home we know to be ours,
our only holy self.
And then we fall again.

If only I had noticed the fledgling fall and how it was caught by flight.

If only I’d seen Yeshua fall
into his waiting Christness,
or Siddhartha caught
by the enlightened Buddha.

We cannot know what mysteries will unfold
when we let go, only that we’re biding,
transformed, to catch ourselves when the falling ends,
and that none of the tipping energy that sent us
floating or crashing down, was wasted.
Everything deepens those who allow it.

I have seen lives fall and be caught
by the love they became,
and sinners fall into certain saints.
When we arrive, we’ll know
and embrace the truth of the name
we’ve chosen as ours.

All that time, the time of my long falling,
I thought the one I was becoming
was more of myself, but the new
utter strangeness was you, and when
the two of us caught our falling selves
we became one: and now we’ve spent
a long, long time, days like centuries,
catching and releasing the sacred One
we are, still creating, still learning to leap
into wonder, trusting it will meet us as we merge
and fall, like the fledgling, into something
as surprising as flight, becoming again the constant
and changing love we are, and when we too must fall
from flight into our own, dark tombs, we’ll be caught
by the light that we’ve become; one day, we will finally
surrender to who we are. It’s finished, we’ll say,
and we will be caught by our light. We cannot know
the mysteries that will unfold at the end of that yes.

In the garden, blossoms flash into dark
honeyed cherries, ready to be eaten by hungry life.
Everything is falling into what it will become.

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6 thoughts on “The One We Are Becoming

  1. Dear Kitty
    I am moved to tears of joy as I savour the beauty and truth your poem is offering
    Deep appreciation flows
    And I continue to practice the art of letting go and falling into “The One I am becoming”


    1. Thank you so much, Mary. Your response is very moving. Letting go is indeed an art; it sounds like it’s one you nourish. Joy in the journey of becoming, my friend, and deep, gentle peace.


  2. Me vi dentro do seu poema, quando passei por crises da síndrome do pânico!
    A mente é selvagem e hoje a domino com o mindfulness.
    I found myself inside your poem, when I went through panic syndrome crises!
    The mind is wild, which today I dominate with mindfulness.


    1. Good for you, Veronilda. Meditation and breathing exercises have been deepest my practices for years. I love Centering Prayer, too. Walking and gardening are my favorite outdoor meditation forms, and photography always centers me. I’m so happy mindfulness practices bring you peace. Thank you for visiting and sharing! Gentle peace to you.


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