The Little Things

It really is the little things
that change our lives, the way they flow,
and the world, how its passing or endurance
depend on this choice or that. The insignificant
classroom in the small town where our little lives
(stifling, but prescribed, and so far-followed we
could see the back covers closing on our little stories)
So many lives, their careful design, required reconstruction
from the settling dust of that brief moment. And I thought,
“Well, that was unexpected,” and then we adapted to the
different story we’d chosen, the endings and beginnings
our unsought meeting created, the canvases and new paints
we’d given ourselves, the new chapters we’d undertaken
to author, but the little things never stop redirecting the flow,
do they? I mean, we and the world, we’re never finally formed
and there is no path except the one behind us; knowing this,
we should be wiser, more watchful, tender in our reach
and open to surprise and surrender. Control is an illusion;
the stories never end the way you expect. All around us,
everywhere, little choices are made by the known and unknown,
the seen and hidden, the near and distant: look how one person’s lie
leads to so much death; how another’s sacrifice resurrects hope;
how a stranger’s small kindness alters a life; how a tiny dog’s nuzzle
eases deep grief; how, years later, a letter arrives, begging forgiveness;
how one person crosses a narrow aisle to cast an unexpected vote, and
just like that, the whole world is given another little chance to endure.
Stones roll away, light shines, and we see a way forward we hadn’t imagined.

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12 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Thank you so much, Nancy; I really appreciate your visits and kind words. It means a lot when readers take time to share, and I know not everyone is able to, so thank you, again.

    Be well and safe, and gentle peace, Nancy!


    1. Thank you, Jaime; that’s very kind of you. I’m happy you enjoyed the poem and appreciate your visit and comment.

      Stay well and safe, and gentle peace to you and your beloveds.


  2. Isn’t that the truth, Kitty? We often don’t even think about our choices, but every little one affects our today, our tomorrow, and often not considered by us, the tomorrows of so many others. In a way it makes us so powerful, and in another, so small. We’re not the only ones making choices from moment to moment. But what I always like is that if we are making kind choices, no matter how big or small, they are affecting the very energy of the entire planet. And that can only be a good thing.
    Happy Spring Sunshine! ☀️


  3. I agree, Jeanne; our choices are powerful beyond our knowing, and they ripple forever. And yes, I love that we can choose kindness and watch the way it changes a moment, a day, or more for another, ourselves, and unknown others. You have shared it with me often through the years, and I am grateful, my friend.

    Joy to your new week: my goodness, it’s warm here for the date! I feel like we’re moving into summer already, and hope the gardens will survive and thrive. Us, too! Gentle peace, Jeanne.


  4. I hope the changes are happy ones, Judy; gentle and peaceful flowing in the unexpected channels. I appreciate your comment. Be safe and well. 💙


    1. Oh, I do love my garter snakes. There’s a huge family in our compost bin, so we have to mix and withdraw rarely and very, very carefully. 🙂

      Teagan is a curie-pie and wields her power majestically. She knows she is the queen of my heart. Of course, she has to share that crown with quite a few other girls, but she thinks she rules the roost. xoxoxo


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