We Have Hurt Enough

Heron Pensive

There have always been ways to hurt
beyond words. There are fists and sticks,
and stones and bones and bombs and guns–
so many guns–and sharpened knives, and weapons
heavy and blunt, stunning and surprising, fierce and
quick. Bullet-pierced bodies falling to floors, to doorways
that coldly receive them; it should be our arms embracing
the sacred, strange, and shining others, the known, the
mysterious all we are made and meant to love; christ, we
have hurt enough; haven’t we hurt enough? Count the dead.
Violence is easy; shooting from fear, slicing from pain: hurting
from hurting. Let us finally learn the infinite ways to translate
our rage into beauty. It was love that chanced us here, just once
and now, able to choose the arduous art of union, compassionate
partners in all of our dark misery, able to pause, to turn, to change,
revolving our pain through other imagined instars, shedding the
the urge to hurt and rage, becoming who we fully are: artists,
called to create the ways we may heal and love beyond words.

Bird Print

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10 thoughts on “We Have Hurt Enough

    1. Thank you, Terry. We really need to fix this gun madness, already. Way too much needless loss and suffering have been inflicted on our communities and country.

      I appreciate your visits so much. Hope all is well and merry with you. 🙂


  1. If only there were more artists like you! As Teresa says…spot on, as always my wonderful wise friend. I loved this and the photos, that heron photo is so ethereal! Love and hugs to you all.xxxxx


    1. Thank you, dear one, speaking of amazing artists in the world! I’m so glad you liked the photos; that’s always nice to hear.
      I am discouraged by these new mass shootings and trying to retain hope our Congress can get laws passed that will help us all be safer. Way past time.
      Be well and safe, Snowbird. Glad our gardens can distract from new lockdowns (which I expect here, imminently). xoxox


  2. Thank you for these heart-words laced with the pain of loss and love and compassion. The bigger vision so desperately longed for, also from those who do not realize it. 🙏


  3. Thank you, Laura; I pray we’ll change our laws and attitudes quickly. I cannot bear to think of children and school staffs re-entering school buildings–or any of us imperiled in public spaces–without strong and swift action being taken. But there certainly is the deeper need for us all to rethink our responses and learn more about pursuing our healing in peace. Gentle peace to you; be well and safe, Laura.


  4. Kitty, how beautiful is this. I am so moved. We would hope, after all we all have been through this past year, that there is a greater move to heal, even if the pain is greater than it might have otherwise been without COVID. We humans have such a capacity for kindness – even if we have to sometimes dredge it up from the deepest well of our being, we owe it to one another – all of us – to do that one thing that heals – catching an eye, giving a smile, a kind gesture. Anything. Love heals. Period. ❤️


  5. Yes, that capacity for kindness is what gives me hope when the world seems most dark. Love heals indeed, and every small act, like those you mention, can have such deep effects as it flows and echoes through all of our lives.

    Thank you, Jeanne; you always offer such inspiring insights. Xoxo


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