What Follows


We were waiting, we were waiting so long that we’d forgotten
the animal pleasure of deep embrace, the smell of other people
and beckoning cafes spiced with strangeness, the comfort of corner booths,
and snowfall under streetlights, the lure of aged books on shelves, of touching
things unconfined, glowing with mystery, safely dangerous, gently tempting and open.

We were waiting, we were waiting so long that we’d forgotten
how to cross spaces, the language of greeting, the harmony of thoughts
begun by one–fusing–finished by another, the onrush and uprush of laughter, the ease
of improvised, delighted life; we’d become diligent disciples of monotony, of things done
in steps, after a year of waiting and forgetting, of yearning, and forgetting how to yearn.

We were waiting, we were waiting so long, that we’d forgotten
the surprise of circling geese, and budding trees, and plants piercing upward, their scent,
the sweet afterbirth of things green and translucent, the homeward music of spring, of
neighbors and nest-building, the innocence of blue skies, rainstorms, and silver-splashed puddles.
the call from life to our animal hearts: scatter the seeds of everything blessed and beautiful…

And then,
we remembered: what follows disease is either death or healing, and after each comes
the hard work of sowing seeds and tending them, of holding wonder to our grateful lips.

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6 thoughts on “What Follows

  1. Thank you, Kitty – you always find what is on my heart and say it so beautifully . . . like talking to a special friend.


  2. Tears are flowing as I read “What Follows.” Your words speak so eloquently, Kitty, of what we forgot in our diligent discipleship of monotony. And now our hearts and souls are beginning to awaken to hope, to healing, to budding and birthing.
    Thank you for your beautiful words…and for sharing them with the world.
    Blessings to you,


    1. Thank you for your kind words, too, Bev, and hooray for us, for arriving a this beautiful spring and all the promise it holds! I’m feeling very blessed and grateful. Love and gentle peace to you, Bev.


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