Invitation to All


Dear Readers,

I want to extend this invitation to everyone and hope you’ll consider attending! This Zoom event, sponsored by the Vitality Society, is for the entire family. The coordinators hope children will attend with their parents and grandparents, and that they’ll volunteer to read a page of the book for all of us, a suggestion I adore.

If you’re able to attend, I look forward to seeing you. 🙂

Join me on Sunday, February 7 from 7-8 pm ET for the Live, Love, Learn Book Series with Vitality Society, an online community for people 60 and better to remain at their best by tapping into their vitality, creativity and curiosity. All ages welcomed to attend.

Learn more and RSVP at

Note that you will get an email with the Zoom link an hour before the event starts provided you RSVP on the event page. To RSVP, click Going on the event page and create a free account. 

Any questions about registration, contact Ana at


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5 thoughts on “Invitation to All

    1. No worries! It was a lovely meeting: Wonderful children took turns reading the poem; many visitors offered comments and asked questions, friends from around the world joined us…several generations of families met; just a total blessing. Missed you.

      I can’t say enough good things about the or Meredith Oppenheim, its founder. They offer enrichment of every kind for people 50+ every day: quite a roster and variety of activities. 🙂

      Love you for visiting and know you would have joined us if it had been convenient. xoxoxo


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