Sleepless Women

soft full moon (1)

It was the darkest time of year in a year already dark.
The sun hid behind clouds, behind hills, and stone.
The moon was shy, floating deep in the river,
wearing a veil that covered the stars.

Disease flowed through the land; lies echoed;
anger grew claws and roared, everywhere.

The woman watched for light. She did not sleep.
Sleepless Woman, watching for light,
anxious for the world, hoping for strength,
cradling the truth.

She worked all the dark days
and cried, pacing in the night.
Sleepless Woman, weary, watching, raw with fear,
enduring hours, and days, a year of darkness.

Outside, anger roared and clawed the air.
The disease flowed through the people.

Lies wore other lies. Layers of lies
flowed like disease.

Sleepless Woman began to dream, awake, whirling,
dancing fires to light dark nights.
Sleepless Woman sang of what could be: how hearts
could heal, madness could clear, strangers could be beloved,
creation could renew the Earth, children could play in the world.

With justice, there could be space for love,
and hands could reach through forgiveness
and love could grow. It could create
a world.

And then,
in the dark, while the sun was hidden and the
moon veiled, floating deep in the river,
Sleepless Woman heard all the women singing,
saw the flicker of their dancing fires,
knew all the Sleepless Women were beside her,
anxious for the world, watching for light,
hoping for strength, dreaming awake, whirling,
singing what could be, cradling the truth.

And they sang, and they danced, and they did not sleep.

The fires grew.

Sleepless Women sang and the moon‘s veil slipped and floated, fading;
Sleepless Women danced and the sun began to rise and light the days;
Sleepless Women cradled the truth and the lies withered, dying to silence.
They summoned justice and space for love, and the anger fled, beaten.
They lifted their hope, and the madness cleared.
They shared healing, and the disease abated, tamed.

Sleepless Women dreamed, awake, and the dreams took shape
and entered the world. Beautiful, beautiful.

And all the Sleepless Women widened their arms,
released the truth,
and embraced the suffering.
They held the pain open to the burning sun
and hearts were healed.
The moon rose, brilliant, and stars lit the tears
in the Sleepless Women’s eyes.

Joy arrived.

There was everything to do, a world to create,
but first,
weary women slept
and welcomed visions of peace,
while the children played; they danced and sang
the music of women in the spaces where love was growing.


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7 thoughts on “Sleepless Women

  1. What a beautiful uplifting poem. You sure rock gal! Love the photos, stunning especially those delightful sunbeams. Here’s to us all getting a vaccine! Love and hugs to one and all.xxxx


  2. This is just exquisite, Kitty. I hope you’re sleeping better now that the healing has begun. I never imagined I’d be so moved by all the ceremony of the inauguration, but I watched it streaming for about an hour or so starting at 11:30 a.m. and found grateful tears on my cheeks from time to time. It’s the beginning of a lot of work to be done, but it is a beginning. And we can dance and sing and embrace life and one another again, even now, even if in dreams.
    That last photo is a knock-out.

    Along the way in the programming, I saw that exceedingly kind-hearted Jersey boy, Bon Jovi, and his band singing “Here Comes the Sun” on a local beach boardwalk as the sun rose over the ocean. It was wonderful.

    Cheers to brighter days ahead!


  3. Thank you, Jeanne!

    Yes, cried a lot yesterday; many of us did, I know. There was a unique mix of grief, loss, relief, joy…a day of release and the beginning of the great re-balance and healing from this traumatic time. As you say, there is so much work before us. I pray for cooperation. But I did sleep deeply and dream last night!

    Loved the entire day, planned and carried out to perfection, integrated, filled with grace and class and so focused on we, the people and the deep healing of music…and yes, that NJ cutie, Jon Bon Jovi. Loved it all! What a restorative. And today: Great sunlight! xoxoxo


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