The Language of Falling Leaves

autun leaves


It was a time of stillness,
of intruding contagion,
of unyielding boundaries,
of cloistered listening, guarded
waiting, gated solitude, safely
confined in silence so deep,
so deep, and we, so tired that autumn,
so weighted, we dropped our words
and began to speak the language of
falling leaves; sighs of surrender,
detaching from everything, releasing,
drifting, we were leaves falling, falling
airborne; we were clouds translating into
mist, then sunlight, or stone; for days, we spoke
river and whispered moon through hushed
wood-smoked evenings; only once, so tired
we wept rain, aslant and gray, leaning into grief,
weary of contagion’s pervasive pursuit; we stilled
and grew roots, planted ourselves, speaking
earth, not forgetting the unbending boundaries;
we were trees, muddied, barked, and bared,
our leafwords fallen, branches uplifted, we
welcomed the language of wings, became
birds, breathing windsong, soaring unbound
in silence so deep, so deep our wings brushed
peace, in silver light, we turned and became
the pearled impervious sky.



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10 thoughts on “The Language of Falling Leaves

  1. Kitty, how beautiful. I am not sure if I feel more comforted or more lonely. Or more both. Thoughts, so beautifully expressed, are not forming in my mind nowadays. I am grateful for yours. Jeanne


  2. Thank you, dear Dreamer. I always appreciate your kindness and honesty. I suppose we bring who and where we are when we encounter art, which was created by someone in their own “who and where.” I’m just very grateful you gave it a read and responded.

    Be safe and well as (if your experience of this time is anything like mine) you ride the waves of energy and try to keep your center peaceful. I send hugs and love. ♥️


  3. Waves of energy – that’s sure a good way to put it! I cannot recall feeling this unsettled in a very long time. Each day brings some new, bizarre twist to our lives. I do my best, as I know you do, to not focus on what I cannot control, but it’s kind of like seeing a car accident – you know you really shouldn’t look, but its hard to pull your eyes away.
    Hugs and love right back at ya, and be extra careful now that Wisconsin is seeing a surge. It’s still here in NJ and we can never be careful enough. ❤️😷


  4. Yes, very sad time here, but we’re home and trying to peacefully wait it out…there is much that is maddening, but more that is good and that’s where I rest and find balance, or find my way back to balance. 🙂 Gentle peace, dear Dreamer.


  5. Oh, again so moving and beautiful. How I relate to your words. Your poems need to be published, they really do. They are ethereal, thought provoking and oh so relevant. Love and hugs to one and all.xxxxx


  6. Oh, my; thank you. Wouldn’t that be nice? I’d love to collect them all together one day. 🙂

    Trying times, and writing helps…it is so kind of you to read and comment, and I appreciate it so much, Snowbird, my dear. I hope your days are blessed with more cheer than not these days; seems to move in waves for us at Full Moon, but we’re holding fairly steady and trying to rest when we need to. 🙂 Sending love from here to there. Be well and safe, my friend. xoxox


  7. Dear Kitty, I have been following your posts ever since a friend sent me “In the Time of Pandemic”. So often you echo my own feelings and thoughts. I am a middle-aged woman of faith and lover of nature. This poem about the Language of Leaves is particularly moving. It took me on a journey of imaginative transformation as I identified first with the leaves, then clouds, then sorrowful rain and surrender to earth, then rooted growth…then birds in flight. I do an exercise with children in which we stretch by moving through a succession of animal forms and movements. This was like that on an emotional level.Thank you for sharing your expressions of experience, thoughts and feelings with us.


    1. Thank you Kitty. And also Sarah who replied so beautifully .
      I think at this time of year( and this year especially). The veil is thin. Around All Souls’ Day / All saints Day
      All Hallows’ Eve. Whatever we call it
      I feel especially tender hearted. Thinking of my dear ones that have left the planet , I look for the nurturing of
      Your words
      And to Sarah. I was an early childhood teacher and love connecting with their
      Unique energy . Thanks for your sharing .


      1. Thank you, Pat. Yes, it is a thin time of the year and in history, I think, and, perhaps because we’re faced with so many challenges, we’re more open to love in all the ways we’ve known it, and are reminded how accessible the strength it offers our hearts and spirits is to us. I hope you’ll meet those connections and feel deep peace, Pat. It’s so kind of you to take time to share. And I’m grateful for your work with little ones and for your light in the world. Be safe and well, Pat, and gentle peace.


  8. How kind of you to write and share your journey with this poem, Sarah! It seemed to trace many of the shifts I felt when I wrote it as well. It is such a deep joy to hear from readers; I’m touched by such thoughtful and sensitive responses. I appreciate it so much, Sarah. Thank you for your wonderful work with children and your light in the world. Be well and safe, and gentle peace.


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