In My 66th Autumn


In my 66th autumn, I planted an oak tree,
a slow-growing long-living gift to an Earth
I love beyond reason; I won’t see the tree
rise into its fullness, nor witness the circles
of life it supports: the fertilized earth,
the harbored cocoons, wild turkeys, and jays
hummingbirds, insects, arachnids, and squirrels,
I’ve planted a country of branches and burls,
and cavities, breathing for years beyond mine;
four score to maturity, ten score to death,
a preposterous lifespan in this day and age;
my oak tree is rooted in unreasoned hope,
impossible faith, illogical prayers, irrational
visions alive in my heart after 66 autumns,
which must count for something eternally true:
planting is saving, and changing direction,
a signal that choices have yet to be made,
the actions of angels, of women and men,
of people with power and people with light
who may reverse courses enough to preserve
a balance, a moment to notice the world’s
miraculous wonders: an overlooked acorn
becoming an oak, the home of a barn owl
and 66 autumns of love beyond reason,
a love that was rooted in unreasoned hope.


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4 thoughts on “In My 66th Autumn

  1. Here in the quiet of a (Canadian) Thanksgiving Monday,
    I am reflecting on the many blessings that grace every day.
    Your thoughtful, powerful, gracefully crafted words and beautiful photos inspire courage and gentle peace…
    The “love beyond reason, rooted in unreasoned hope” that you so generously share, is deeply appreciated.


  2. Oh, how kind of you, Mary; thank you, and a blessed and happy holiday to you and to your beloveds. I hope you’ll stay well and safe, and have sweet, continued blessings to count. 🙂 Gentle peace to you.


  3. Ahhh, this is so gentle and comforting yet so very powerful too. You have such a wonderful way with words. I loved the video, I have oak seedlings popping up all over my gardens, I tend to pull them up and plant them in pots as I simply can’t toss them in the compost bin. Love and hugs to you all.xxxxx


    1. Oh, me, too…I plant everything that isn’t an invasive. I figure the planet needs it. 🙂

      Thank you, dear one, for taking time to share; I love your visits. 🙂 Hope you are safe and well. xoxox


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