The Brightest Star


Another loss among so many,
and this the brightest star–
massive energy so
tightly contained,
collapsing at her core,
releasing potential
in shock waves, oh
universe expanding,
accelerating beyond
hope, without love,
or so it has felt,
but see the sky radiant
with her brilliant starstuff
spinning, luminous:
paths of light shine
through the darkness
her loss creates
the seeds of new stars
who grieve now burn
with her fire,
who mourn
will dance her light
into the night,
each of us
a new sun

(SN 2020: RBG)


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13 thoughts on “The Brightest Star

    1. Thank you, Judy; your kindness means so much. I’m devastated by this loss, but I will not/cannot surrender my hope. I am so impressed by her life and how she used her gifts to fight so very earnestly and long for equality and justice…the grief has to turn to action. Now. Or never.
      Be well and safe, Judy, and gentle peace.


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to a giant of a woman. Thank you, Kitty. Would you consent to posting this on FB? I love your posts! Blessings and Peace, Darleen


    1. Hi, Darleen,
      Thank you for your kind words; they’re so appreciated.

      When people repost my poems, I ask that they attach my name and a link to the blog post. I hope that will work for you.

      Be well and safe, Darleen, and gentle peace.


    1. Oh, thank you, lovebug; that is so kind of you. Yes, she was a tremendous human, someone who worked tirelessly to be who she came to be…very inspiring to me. I appreciate your visits and comments so very much. Thank you for your comments on the picture, too; I was very happy with it. 🙂 Be safe and well; sending xoxox.


  2. Dear Catherine,

    Just a Thought ?
    Just a Wave ?
    Just a new Case She won ?

    She knew she could leave in Peace,
    Leaving her Power behind as little seeds to grow in us.

    She conquered her last Battle,
    The President of America. Whoever it might be.

    She will be a part of his or her Soul for the rest of his or her Life.

    Like she became a part of our Souls for the rest of our Lives

    She knew how to reunite Left and Right, without discrimination.
    A peace of Art made by two Equally handcrafted Hands,
    Without preference for Left or Right,

    Equal Values, without Discrimination,

    Still to come

    * * * * * * * * *

    Will be our Battle,
    Where we fight to Live.

    Thank you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Christiane


    1. Thank you, Dreamer! I agree, one of a kind. Good reminder from Ruth that when we’re fully who we’re meant to be, we’re unique. 😉
      Thank you for visiting; I always enjoy your insights. Be merry and safe, my friend!


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