The Gifts That Shine

webs, trail, heart leaf and tree trunk 063

Praise for the gifts that shine:
the scales of silvered salmon
leaping homeward; rain-shimmered
petals; circling trout in shadowed eddies
pierced by light; the grackle’s head turned
just so in sunlight, flashing teal
and sapphire; bright wings of dragonfly,
butterfly; firefly luminescence; the dazzle
of dew-beaded spiderwebs;
stars beyond city-light; the
halo-flow from everything,
hidden yet always present,
gestating insight, awaiting revelation,
the secret iridescence tendered
those who will only look,
emptied of all
but the readiness
and desire
to see the holy brilliance
of who we are and
what the world offers,
and the radiant love
that holds it together.

Dew on PeonyIMG-6958webs, trail, heart leaf and tree trunk 132

Blessings on all educators beginning a most challenging year; in great gratitude for the gifts you offer our world bravely, creatively, tirelessly, and always in great service to the call for shining the light you came to share; oh, how we need your light. Be safe, and gentle peace.


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7 thoughts on “The Gifts That Shine

  1. What a stunning poem, I just loved it. You paint such vivid pictures with your words. Gorgeous pictures too. Yes, let all those on the frontline stay safe and may the numbers dwindle! Love and hugs to


    1. Thank you. We have so many teachers in our family and circle of’s very troubling that so many school systems are dithering rather than just waiting till cases are down and their employees will be safe. I think more workplaces have to take responsibility for helping their workers to find ways to be parents and employees during this time; it shouldn’t be solely the job of teachers and school systems. If we all worked together, this could be much less dangerous and frustrating. ♥️


  2. Isn’t it true that we can find a shine in the unexpected places, even on the back of a small beetle … if only we look. Beginning school is certainly a challenge never faced this way before. I, too, wish all those who are responsible for our children’s education to stay strong and optimistic. We’re all wending our way down new roads these days.


    1. Wending and winding, that’s for sure. Our State University in Madison had to shut down and go virtual today; sick students and professors contributed to our highest one-day total of new cases thus far. And the state’s not reporting on specific school systems, so we turn to local news and wend carefully.

      Thank you for visiting, J.; I always value your sensitive and thoughtful comments. Hope your days are balanced well and you’re still keeping safe. Gentle peace, my friend. xoxo, K


      1. Yes, the jump in cases from universities is frightening. And they’re sending students home in many cases, too.
        Doing my best! Due to immune system challenges, which I know you understand, I get hit every now and then by “bugs” that come from I-know-not-where, but I power through and I am still standing, albeit a bit tired or under the weather here and there. 😊 Same to you, Kitty.


        1. Gentle peace, J. I’ve had to return rather earnestly to the AIP diet and am begrudgingly grateful for the improvement in my energy. Sure do miss a few foods I enjoy, but their elimination helps me feel better. So it goes. 😉


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