Coming Up For Air


This week has been one of blessing. It’s been like coming up for air after long submersion.

I’ll never forget how, when I was being clinically trained to serve as a chaplain, a pulmonologist described the struggle to breathe as one of the most frightening experiences a human could endure. This is why COPD patients suffer so excruciatingly, and why end-of-life patients are given a combination of drugs that relieves the sensation of struggling for air and allows greater peace leading to their final exhalation. It has been horrifying to imagine the suffering of Covid-19 patients facing vents while necessarily but heartbreakingly being deprived of the presence and comfort of loved ones.

But we are celebrating blessing: Our brother-in-law, hospitalized with Covid-19 for weeks, is coming home. He has struggled with breathing issues, as many Covid-19 patients do, and will need oxygen support at home. We are told healing can continue, but will require considerable effort to meet the challenges and setbacks that the virus places in its path, some predictable and many unforeseen. But his oxygen tanks will help, considerably.

We are grateful and we are hopeful. We are taking our own long, deep breaths of relief after holding and suspending them while waiting for good news regarding his recovery.


The technology available for the oxygen support that he’ll have available at home is a testament to what science and creativity can achieve, but the humanity and talent of the healthcare workers who have nursed our brother-in-law in the hospital have also earned our gratitude and renewed our hope. In a time of such rampant deceit, self-interest, and ineptitude on the part of those we look to for leadership, the opportunity to witness selflessness and love offered freely, skillfully, and at great personal risk, has re-balanced and widened our hearts. Because of their courage, we’re breathing easier.

And this week, our evenings have offered our spirits deep and invigorating breaths as well: nightly, we’ve experienced talented adults (and children) calling us to inspiring and pervasive hope, clarity, and unity, while realistically underscoring the actions that will sustain us in these pursuits. Over and over, we have been reminded that real power belongs to us. We, the people, must work together to save and renew our union.


We had almost forgotten how good it feels to feel good, to believe that change is possible and near, to take heart in the restoration of behaviors, options, justice, and systemic interdependence we hold dear, and to believe that exciting innovations for protecting our own and the Earth’s welfare will be supported, encouraged, and inclusively realized. May we pursue these hopes with our voices and our votes.

It has been such a gift to breathe as expansively as we have this week. And the strangeness of feeling the fresh, clean air of hope moving through us has revealed how oppressive it’s been to be living submerged, as we have these past years–certainly profoundly during this stunningly mismanaged pandemic. Breathing hope again with greater confidence, we see how severely our spirits have been taxed by the atmosphere and actions of cruelty, crudity, corruption, and the damaging stress they’ve induced.

Gasping for hope and re-submerging; gasping and taking in nourishment shallowly; gasping and losing contact with the core of love that powers our being, the oxygen of hope we require to thrive. Gasping and almost forgetting who we are and what it means to be human.

This week, our hope and focus have been resuscitated.


We have come up for air.

We will not re-submerge.

In gentle peace, and in recognition that we’re here to serve all life with our gifts, in love and authenticity; none above, none below, all in relationship.



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6 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

  1. So glad you can celebrate your brother-in-law’s return. I think of you often. In distributing food to those who need it in Dayton, I pass regularly by your old school on Smithville Road and think of you.


    1. Oh, how kind of you to be caring for others so generously. I was hoping I’d hear you were safe and well.
      Thank you for visiting and sharing! Yes, we will be (virtually) celebrating. ♥️
      Gentle peace,


  2. Kitty, I am so happy to hear your good news about your brother-in-law. I was also encouraged this week by the many hopeful and optimistic words I heard … they were a light in the darkness. Stay well, safe and at peace.


  3. Thank you, Jeanne; your kindness is so welcome and appreciated.

    Yes, quite an experience for our brother-in-law, and yesterday, the hospital where I was formerly employed sent home their 150th Covid-19 survivor, so it’s encouraging to learn how much more refined and targeted the treatments have become. Of course, not all are released with a clean bill of health and there’s so much more to learn about the lasting effects of this virus. And we still need to practice all the mitigating measures that have been proven to help prevent Covid spread, so I’ll continue to promote that. 🙂

    Joy and gentle peace to you, my friend. Hope your creativity is being nurtured and your spirit fed. xoxox


  4. Oh what wonderful news!!! I’m delighted to hear your BIL is home, here’s to a speedy and full recovery. I hope and pray that that monster in the White house is voted out and that sanity and unity return. Beautiful, beautiful butterflies. Love and hugs to


  5. Thank you, dear one…most kind of you! BIL is struggling, which reinforces everything so far learned about this virus: its destruction is not easily mitigated and its better avoided than invited. I know I don’t want to tangle with it.
    Yes, to the return of national sanity, and thank you as always for your kindness and encouragement. You are so precious. xoxox


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